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: Technology and media :: RBC

: Technology and media :: RBC

as set at Roskomnadzor, the first stage will slow down access to the service from half of the computers in Russia and from all mobile devices. They explained that the mechanism used involves slowing down the transfer of photo and video content, without limiting the transfer of text messages.

If this measure is not enough, in the future access to Twitter can block… The deputy director of the department, Vadim Subbotin, said that other platforms may also be subject to slowdowns in case of violation of Russian law.

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On the night of March 10, the department made Three protocols against Twitter were brought to court for ignoring the requirements to remove illegal information (Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code).

According to the providers interviewed by RBC, limit the speed of Twitter Roskomnadzor can use the equipment installed in the networks of telecommunications operators in accordance with the law on the sovereign Runet, which came into force in June 2019. According to him, all Russian operators must install special equipment through which the department will be able to manage routing traffic in the event of threats to the integrity and security of the Internet.

After Roskomnadzor announced restrictions on Twitter, customers of several Russian providers started to complain problems with accessing the websites of the Kremlin, the State Duma, the government, the Investigation Committee, as well as various ministries and departments. About accidents too reported financial organizations and Russian Post.

At the Ministry of Digital Development setthat the problems of accessing the websites of government agencies are not related to the work to slow down Twitter; according to the agency, they were associated with a failure of the routers on the Rostelecom network. By mid-afternoon, the supplier reported that the accidents had been fixed and that the sites were operating normally.