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Blender 3.4: Graphics Suite Gets Wayland Support on Linux

Image: Blender Foundation

The powerful open source 3D graphics suite mixers gets native support for open source display server protocol with next release Wayland on Linux. The modern replacement for the X Window System (X11) celebrates its release in Blender 3.4 in early December. Intel Open PGL integration is also being improved.

Wayland will replace the X Windows System

Providing support for Wayland has become necessary because many Linux distributions and desktops now also use the free display server protocol. Integration is one of the most urgent steps after the release of Blender 3.0, as well as Blender 3.1 and Blender 3.3 LTS.

Blender 3.4 is said to have native support for Wayland
Blender 3.4 should get native support for Wayland (Image: Blender Foundation)

Blender 3.4 with Wayland support is already expected to be released in early December, which the project has high hopes for.

We have recently been working on native Wayland support on Linux.

Wayland is now enabled for daily builds and if all goes well it will also be enabled for the Blender 3.4 release.

If you’re a Wayland user, try a recent build.
  • Library libdecor needs to be installed
  • EDIT: now only for gnome shell
  • To see if native Wayland is used, check the “About” notice (accessed from the “Blender” icon menu, top left). You should see:
  • Windowing Environment: WAYLAND

Please report bugs for any Wayland-specific issues you find.

blender foundation

Wayland support is intended to bypass X11 restrictions and accommodate modern distributions with native Wayland support, which should also benefit from optimizations in Sculpt and the Intel Open Path Guiding Library (Open PGL). More recently, the 3D graphics suite received support for Intel Alchemist and the hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and compute shader API for the first time. metal donated by Apple. In addition, multi-core support has been further improved.

Download at Computer Base

Blender 3.3 LTS, which provides loyal services to publishers, especially in CPU tests, such as the latest with AMD Ryzen 7000 (test), can be downloaded as usual directly below this post from the ComputerBase download area for Windows, mac OS and Linux.

Blender benchmark for CPU and GPU tests

If you want to know how much performance your CPU or GPU achieves in Blender, you can easily do that with the linked Blender Benchmark in various project files.

providing more information project page on the GitHub development platform, as well as on the official place.


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    Blender Benchmark is based on the Blender rendering tool and determines CPU and GPU performance.