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BMW: YouTube im Auto und Digital Key Plus für Android kommen

BMW: YouTube arrives in the car and Digital Key Plus for Android

In the coming weeks, BMW will offer a YouTube app for BMW OS 8 on the new i7 and 7 series for the first time, so that the streaming service can also be used in the front seats. Also, remote parking for BMW OS 8 cars will arrive with a slight delay. With Digital Key Plus, Android will soon follow iOS.

After vendors like Volvo, Polestar and General Motors have already announced that they will also make the YouTube app available on the Android Automotive OS to play videos on the center cockpit screen when stationary, this option will also be available for BMW in the future, initially in the i7 and 7 series respectively to offer. In the course of November, YouTube for BMW OS 8 will be available on the central control screen. As with other car manufacturers, the service can only be used when stationary and is therefore primarily suitable as a hobby during breaks, for example to charge the vehicle.

BMW also offers the so-called Theater Screen in the rear of the new 7 Series. It is a 31-inch screen with 8K resolution in landscape, with the same functionality as a Fire TV thanks to an alliance with Amazon. Content can also be consumed on this screen while driving. Only with level 3 assistance systems could BMW offer content such as videos and games while driving. BMW currently offers up to Level 2+ (trial) in certain countries.

Remote function for maneuver assistant is coming

Along with the iX, BMW introduced the maneuver assistant in September last year, with the help of which a parking maneuver can be recorded and then played back automatically so that the car itself can perform complicated parking manoeuvres. The driver must be in the vehicle and control the maneuver. In parallel with the actual announcement, BMW had promised a remote variant of this function for the RSU 07/22, with which the maneuvering assistant should also be able to be carried out via smartphone.

For the Web Summit in Lisbon, availability has now been specified for the fourth quarter of 2022, so integration into the My BMW app is expected soon. In future, new remote features will also include operation of the i7’s motorized doors, which can then be opened and closed via smartphone. Remote parking via maneuvering assistant requires the Digital Key Plus (test) function and therefore also uses a connection via Ultra Wideband (UWB). The My BMW app will also be complemented by new small and large format widgets on iOS.

Digital Key Plus arrives with UWB for Android smartphones

Speaking of Digital Key Plus: it was previously only available for iOS devices, but it will also be available for Android in December this year. However, while Apple installs a UWB chip in all current iPhones and also in numerous older models and smartwatches, which makes the feature possible in the first place, the technology is only used sparingly in Android smartphones. UWB can be found mainly at Google and Samsung, though even there only flagships such as the Pixel Pro and Galaxy Ultra variants are equipped with it. A Pixel 7 (test) or a normal Galaxy S22 (test) has to do without it.

BMW is planning more widgets for the app
BMW is planning more widgets for the app

Unlike the normal Digital Key (test), the Digital Key Plus has the advantage that it is no longer necessary to hold the smartphone on the door handle, but unlocking and locking within the UWB zone can also be performed. remotely, including a welcome. scenario In addition, the engine can be started with a smartphone in your pocket, after the device had to be placed in the charging base beforehand. This also allows you to use the digital key through the Apple Watch, which also offers UWB.

ComputerBase received information about this article from BMW at an event organized by the manufacturer in Lisbon. Arrival, departure and hotel accommodation expenses were borne by BMW. There was no manufacturer influence or reporting obligation.