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Bone conduction headphones: what are they, and how do they operate?


A picture of the Aftershokz titanium bone conduction headphones being worn by a woman in profile.

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Genuine wireless earphones have stolen the wi-fi audio highlight these past several years, but that is not the only wi-fi know-how worth eyeing. Bone conduction headphones fill a individual specialized niche, and are exceptional for out of doors athletes and certain segments of the hearing impaired local community. We’re diving into all items wireless bone conduction headphones.

What are bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are, effectively, headphones that relaxation correct atop the listener’s cheekbones. Somewhat than cueing the eardrum though seem waves travel as a result of the air, bone conduction headsets send vibrations by means of the jawbone, bypassing the middle ear. The technologies has its roots in listening to aids, and dates back again to the 1920s, when Hugo Gernsback designed the osophone — a bone conduction hearing support. These days, bone conduction audio has expanded further than the environment of well being and medicine, and serves as a wonderful instrument for outdoor athletes. Given that the headset frees up the ears, listeners are remaining constantly informed of their surroundings, which is paramount when running outside or climbing.

How do bone conduction headphones work?

Two diagrams. The one on the left shows how sound travels into the ear and the right is a close-up fo the middle and inner ears.

Bone conduction headphones transmit sound waves by the listener’s skull by continuously vibrating bone. Far more especially sound is done via the skull right to the cochlea, staying away from the eardrum, malleus, incus, and stapes. The cochlea then moves microscopic hairs (stereocilia) in the Corti. This flowing motion initiates a string of chemical reactions that brings about neurotransmitters to stimulate the auditory nerve. The moment an impulse is fired off from the auditory nerve, it travels to the mind which interprets this information and facts as seem.

This approach also describes why your voice sounds reduced to you than it does to many others. Bone is much better at transmitting very low-frequency sounds than large-frequency appears, which is why we’re usually stunned by how high-pitched our voices audio when played back again as a recording.

Bone conduction differs from standard earbuds and headphones simply because the former inserts right into the ear canal, and the latter works by using padded ear cups that sit on or close to the ear. In the two instances, the eardrum and other mechanics are engaged, which is effective for most people. However, bone conduction headphones are a fantastic choice for everyone who suffers from hearing decline.

What are the most effective bone conduction headphones?

If you have searched the world wide web for a pair of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, you’re probably currently acquainted with the enterprise AfterShokz. After all, it controls a big section of the bone conduction earphones sector. Our sister web site SoundGuys has an in-depth checklist of the most effective bone conduction headphones obtainable, but here’s our rapid rundown of the leading 3.

AfterShokz Aeropex

A picture of a man in profile wearing the AfterShokz Aeropex bone conduction headphones.

The Aeropex is AfterShokz’ flagship headset and is the most long lasting of the three, supplied its IP67 score that denotes equally dust and h2o-resistance. You can wholly submerge the Aeropex bone conduction headphones up to 1-meter depths for 30 minutes at a time. These aren’t explicitly swimming headphones while as they lack onboard storage however, it is a excellent protective feature in circumstance you drop them into the lake.

An built-in microphone can be employed when accepting hands-totally free phone calls and battery lifetime is on-par for wireless earphones: eight hours of regular playback. You can also entry Google assistant and control playback with the multifunction button. It utilizes Bluetooth 5. firmware and charges $125 USD, making it the most high priced of the bunch.

AfterShokz Air

A picture of a woman in profile wearing the AfterShokz Air bone conduction headphones.

This sub-$100 exercise session headset is slimmer than the relaxation and incorporates reflective strips that preserve listeners seen for the duration of nighttime strolls or jogs. The AfterShokz Air battery life is rated at six hrs, which is not great but need to get you by a 7 days of doing the job out. Another downgrade from teh Aeropex: the Air uses Bluetooth 4.2 firmware, which could demonstrate the relative dip in battery lifestyle. Embedded microphones are fantastic for fielding phone calls. It is only IP55-rated though, so really do not fall it in your neighborhood pool.

AfterShokz Titanium

The AfterShokz Titanium was my initial foray into the entire world of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, and is a excellent headset for any person unsure of the engineering. It is just one of the far more economical selections available and is IP55-rated, makes use of Bluetooth 4.1, and has a 6-hour battery everyday living. Very little about this headset will blow you away, and if you are capable, we endorse likely with possibly of the other AfterShokz types for they have extra trustworthy connection energy than the Titanium. For far more great offers on headphones verify out our protection below.

Other usually requested concerns

Q: Are bone conduction headphones secure?
A: Of course, bone conduction headphones are perfectly risk-free and arguably safer than conventional in-ear earphones because nothing is lodged in your ear canal. This implies you don’t have to fear about trapping a silicone sleeve in your ear or triggering an ear infection. They are also safe for working outside the house as they let you to remain fully aware of your surroundings of training course, you still require to listen at a safe and sound volume so your natural environment is evidently audible to you.

Q: Can bone conduction headphones induce tinnitus
A: Yes, bone conduction headphones, like all headsets, can lead to tinnitus even although they bypass the eardrum. There are distinctive types of listening to loss that have an affect on various mechanisms of the ear, the most typical of which is Sensorineural Hearing Reduction (SNHL). A consequence of SNHL is the inability to perceive significant-frequency seems because of to problems to the stereocilia. Once again, these hairs are in just the internal ear and rest alongside nerve pathways. They can continue to damaged by continuous stimulation or really loud sounds.

Q: Can bone conduction headphones result in problems?
A: However, any headset can cause head aches and vibration headphones are no exception. Our temples are delicate to tension, which could make putting on a bone conduction headset tough and uncomfortable. All it normally takes is a mild amount of tension for an prolonged period of time to lead to a headache from these headsets. What operates for me may possibly not function for you, but commonly speaking, you’re unlikely to working experience complications with bone conduction earphones at a higher charge than you would from on-ear and more than-ear headphones.

Q: Can you wear bone conduction headphones with glasses?
A: Of course, I’m a bespectacled listener and was in a position to use a Bluetooth bone conduction headset without the need of putting in contacts. I was not practically as comfortable carrying the wi-fi bone conduction headphones with my eyeglasses as I was with no my glasses, but it labored without the need of hindering the technological know-how.

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