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Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk – Summer of Monsters!


Read More About the Brawl Stars Summer of Monster Update!

Hello and welcome to Brawl Talk.

Ryan, would you please…

But Dani, it’s the Summer of Monsters!



That’s right.Season 2, Summer of Monsters.

We’ve got a brand-new Chromatic Brawler for you called Surge,

and he’s maybe one of the most unique Brawlers we’ve ever made.

His main attack is kind of like combination of Spike and Gene.

You throw a projectile and when it hits the enemy,

it divides into other projectiles.

That’s right. And his Super is really interesting.

Every time you use Surge’s Super,he upgrades himself

and his attacks become different and he becomes stronger.

You can do that a maximum of three times

but if you’re defeated, you lose all those upgrades.

So, stay alive.

In addition, we have another exclusive skin in the Pass.

Before, we had only one, now, we have two.

And those exclusive skins are Super Ranger Brock

and Mecha Paladin Surge.

Also, one quality of life change that you guys have been asking for…

– Now you can collect rewards in any order you want.

– That’s right.

Season 2, Summer of Monsters, is starting on July 6 and will last 10 weeks.

Now, Ryan. If I have like one million gold coins, what can I do with that now?

That’s way too much gold, and here’s how you’re going to spend it

Coming in this update, we’ve got True Silver and True Gold skins

for the very coin-rich players.

True Silver is going to cost 10,000 coins and True Gold costs 25,000.

But, if you want that gold skin, you’ve got to buy the silver one first.

And to be able to buy it you need to reach at least Power 9.

Of course we’re talking about monsters, but where are the monsters?

Coming in July, we have Mega Beetle Bea, King Crab Tick,

And fighting those monsters, is Streetwear Max.

Summer of Monsters wouldn’t be complete without a new game mode,

We present to you, Super City Rampage.

You guys have been asking for a long time for a new PvE mode,

which means that’s Brawlers against computer or AI

So now we are having 3 Brawlers against some other Boss,

and this boss is a big monster that wants to destroy the city

And you have to prevent that from happening

by defeating the boss before…I think it’s two minutes?

– Right, before the city gets destroyed.

– Exactly

Coming in this update we’re testing a new object on the map called the rope fence

This is kind of cool because you can shoot over it

but you can’t walk through it.

So it’s sort of like water

but it can be destroyed like other wall tiles can.

And also Hot Zone is here to stay.

You guys have been asking, Hot Zone is going into rotation with maps

and new quests.

And we’ve got more pins and pins will be available in battles,

starting with the update.

And also, the Trophy Road got extended, up to 50,000 trophies.

We cannot wait for the Summer Of Monsters

and since you guys watched to the end, you get some special extra info.

Crow and White Crow are getting a remodel in this update.

So, don’t forget to subscribe to get more awesome news like that.

We’ll see you next time.



I’m really impressed on how good that was.

I could tell we had no idea what we were saying…

But we like…we got it out there.

Because I said that your lines and then

– Wow, that’s how pros are

– That’s how it’s done

Read More About the Brawl Stars Summer of Monster Update!

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