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Boris Johnson’s personal phone number has been available on the Internet for 15 years – the Arabs and the world – the world

British media reported on Friday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s personal mobile number has been available to everyone on the internet for 15 years, raising concerns about the UK’s national security..

It appears that this number, which appeared in a press release issued in 2006 when Boris Johnson was an opposition member of Parliament, is the number the Conservative Party leader is currently using, according to the BBC..

After AFP tried to call the number on Friday morning, it received an automated message stating that the number was out of service..

This revelation comes as Boris Johnson increasingly faces attacks related to his integrity, especially due to the exchange of short text messages with industrialist James Dyson, who asked the prime minister at the beginning of the epidemic to “fix” the fiscal situation. of your employees. who had to come to the UK to work ventilators at the request of the government.

Johnson apparently responded in March 2020, saying, “I’ll figure it out tomorrow! We need you.”.

Peter Rickets, a former UK national security adviser, said on BBC radio that the fact that the prime minister’s personal number is in the public domain “is important because it is very valuable material.”.

And he considered it “in the interest of the” prime minister “to guarantee its electronic security..

“I’m mostly talking about high-ranking politicians in sensitive places, whose phone conversations probably contain sensitive matters, sensitive business information and people trying to pressure them for tax benefits,” he added.

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