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NBA 2K Became the undisputed king of putting serious and respected actors on motion-capture hyzinc. But when they were able to focus their energy on changing MyCareer’s settings, plots, and painfully elicited conversations, it was the shotmeter that they chose to change …?

This strangely surprises me. Because when it comes to making choices NBA 2K I made some pretty nice stuff. If you buy the game every year, you already know that you don’t expect an overhaul. This is because 2K seems to be working on maximum improvements rather than charging to fix what isn’t broken. I like them about them. But this year, they seem to have broken their own rules.

Now let’s focus on two important choices. NBA 2K21 Released earlier this month: The story of My Career and the annual announcement of a brand new shot meter.

Let’s start with the junior story. The son of a college basketball hero who decides to follow in the footsteps of his father after talking to a stranger on a ferry. It’s not a serious story, but it’s one of the stories. A stranger who turns out to be a high school basketball coach is played by Jimon Honsou, who convinces you that football (American type) is not yours. You should play basketball instead. That’s right …

And you make the switch as the ferry guy changes the course of our lives for what the ferry guy tells us.

The following is exactly the same pattern that has been going on since the 2K carrier mode was started.

Game Cutscene. Game Cutscene. Yet another cutscene. Game And now, for no reason at all, there are three cutscenes in a row.

This year’s cutscenes are particularly drawn out, due to two parallel stories. You have a junior, navigating your current life, and junior is back in conversation with his deceased father. The father, played by Jesse Williams, is just a dump of the Junior Expo. By the way, it is still always suggested today and needs no further explanation. Basically, you are watching the character’s origin story while playing the character’s origin story.

This is the entire plot point that can be skipped almost as much as David Aldridge.

When you start playing high school balls, you meet Archie, your father’s old friend who wants to be your future agent.Unfortunately, they play this role wireMichael K Williams doesn’t trust him from the absolute beginning.

But while Djimon Honsou’s plot as a high school coach disappears pointlessly, at least Archie’s story leaves you with choices that require real decision-making.

And that’s what I wanted more. Reduce “watching people talk to my character” and increase “doing to influence my character”. NBA 2K21 I tried to do this, but the result was cheerful at best. One of the other big choices is to graduate from college because your girlfriend is angry with you. But when compared to the NBA Draft suit choice, it still looked realistic.

Almighty draft. Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Before choosing a suit, Archie and the store salesperson will faithfully inform you that your suit choice will determine your future outlook. However, the result of choosing two buttons that are as big as possible is disastrous.

Make you regret as a result of wearing big clothes for your big night.

Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Screen grab from NBA 2K21

It seems that Russell Westbrook and Kanye West had babies, both of which I thought were a little … extra.

Of course, the accumulation of draft nights has always been a controversial bone for 2K fans.I loved the combine buildup personally NBA 2K20 I felt there was a gap in it. An interview and press junket just before the draft night will determine the last few inches of draft stock. But the “correct” answer is painfully obvious, even though it is always said to be nothing. If I exchanged it for some long jumps and sprints, the draft accumulation would have been appropriate.

Another way to secure a last place on the draft board is by chance encounter with Zion Williamson. He will challenge you to a match on the street court, and to be honest, this was the most enjoyable of all draft night proceedings. 2K expects you to be cheeky and overconfident in your players. To be honest, I was expecting Gimi. But Zion does what only a 20-year-old cover athlete in a major sports game franchise can do and kills you altogether.

I have a lottery ticket …

After the draft, there is only one new plot point creeping up in the background. For some reason, your team has decided to win two lottery picks and the first overall pick to play shockingly with you in exactly the same position as you. How was this GM not fired?

Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Screen grab from NBA 2K21

That aside, it’s almost always. Agents are spoken in text, sponsorships are signed, and teammates (who are chosen first overall) are exchanged with little return.

My Career was screaming for an overhaul. Instead, there are storylines that hit many great notes, but they are notes that hit at least two times ago. We hope that next year will bring some basic story changes and some full-scale edits to those cutscenes. Plot points such as daddy’s problems, chips on the shoulders, and why New Jersey kids dream of becoming a millionaire basketball superstar require little or no descriptive dialogue.

Instead, what about the MyCareer plot starting in Europe? Paella for thinking.

Now let’s jump out of MyCareer, dive into the gameplay and choose the second biggest option. NBA 2K21..

To be honest, NBA 2K is one of the most authentic sports sim experiences on the planet. So my criticism of their gameplay choices is like Loul Deng’s trash talking about Dame Lillard.

But when space is available, you have to take a shot … this is not possible due to the comically difficult shot meter.

To be fair, 2K has released a patch. This made the task easier, but at a purely conceptual level, this shotmeter is insane. Not to mention the accuracy of the Green Point, it will change the way you use Prostic.

One of the NBA’s greatest real-life jump shooters, and even this year’s cover star, felt the need to file a complaint.

It’s like a developer forgetting the only reason people play NBA 2K Because the game can’t actually play basketball. It’s a tough sport. If you’re not trained, it’s almost impossible to actually hit three points. That’s why we need damn games.

Instead of making the shot meters more satisfying, they complain that men who regularly trash talk with MVP candidates (and send them home from the playoffs) are late in ordering at Zomato. I made it hard to think that I needed to tweet.

Thankfully, and thanks to 2K, this jump shot feature can be easily turned off and you can quickly return to OG.

Speaking of OG, I’m particularly happy that I haven’t tinkered too much with the parts of the game that were hit in the last few editions.

Who was the costume designer for this? Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Who was the costume designer for this? Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Blacktop will continue to be the perfect place to try your own dream match. 2 to 2 magic and Kareem between Revlon and AD? OK. One-on-one between Isiah Thomas Jr and Mugsy Bogues? That’s strange, but ok, you can do it too. For each variation from 1 to 1 to 5 to 5, you need to adjust how you play to grab the W. This means spending a lot of time learning and completing crafts. And of course, there’s a lot of fun with multiple controllers.

MyLeague has always remained a crazy sandbox with unlimited customization and AI that’s getting smarter and smarter to beat you with your own salary cap game. However, there are no new rookie classes yet. That is, there is no new name to tinker with. I’m sure it will be easy to sort with updates later this year. But for those who want to spend their time climbing drafts in My League or My GM, it’s a real damper.

Oh, the neighborhood now … has more colors. I think it’s cool.

Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Screen grab from NBA 2K21

Crunch Time View: There are many things in this game that could have been much better.But if you are not NBA 2K Super nerd, and you weren’t playing NBA 2K20, You will still enjoy it. In court, it’s almost certainly, and the game is excellent at rewarding you by leveling up and learning new skills. In short, there are many incentives for a long and dominant NBA career. Don’t forget to take revenge on Zion for its brutal pre-draft beatdown.

The author is an advertising expert and basketball enthusiast who can rattle the names of each of the 10 players to start Round 7 of the 1969 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. is.

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