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Brawl Stars Championship 2020 Results of September Final

Image via Supercell

2020 Brawl star The September finals of the championship will take place on September 5th and 6th. A total of 12 teams from four different regions will compete for qualifying points for the World Finals later this year and the $62,500 prize pool.

The final was supposed to be held at the ESL studio in Katowice, Poland, but is being played online due to the epidemic of COVID-19. To adapt to this change, all teams compete in the finals only with other teams in the region. Regions are APAC, Europe/Mena, South Latin America, North America/North Latin America. We have also some amazing 8 ball pool tricks , You will love that too.

The result of is Brawl star Championship August final. Results are updated live.

Saturday, September 5

Europe / MENA Final

Qlash EU won the Europe / MENA Final. The overall ranking is as follows.

Screen Grab by Supercell

The results of matchwise are:

Codemagic Purple vs Qlash EU

Won in Qlash 3-1.

  • Gem Grab with Double Swoosh: 2-0 Codemagic
  • Intersection Robbery: 2-1 Qlash
  • Siege on Olive Branch: 2-1 Qlash
  • Triple Dribble Brawl Ball: 2-0 Qlash

Tribe Gaming vs Qlash EU

Qlash EU won 3-0.

  • Brawl Ball Penalty Kick: 2-0 Qlash
  • Canal Grande Bounty: 2-1 Qlash
  • Tornado Ring Robber: 2-1 Qlash

Tribe Gaming vs Codemagic Purple

The tribe won 3-1.

  • Siege of Nuts and Bolts: 2-0 Tribe
  • Stone Fort Gem Grab: 2-0 Tribe
  • Backyard Bowl Brawl Ball: 2-1 Codemagic
  • Layer Cake Prize: 2-0 Tribe

APAC Final

B-Boy won the APAC Final. The overall ranking is as follows.

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Screen Grab by Supercell

The results of matchwise are:

New craftsman vs Jupiter

Jupiter won 3-2.

  • Snake Prairie Bounty: 2-0 Jupiter
  • Hot Potato Robbery: 2-0 Jupiter
  • Siege on Junk Park: 2-1 New Craftsman
  • Penalty kick brawl ball: 2-0 new craftsman
  • Double Swoosh Gem Grab: 2-0 Jupiter

B-Boy vs. Jupiter

B-Boy won 3-1.

  • Siege of the Factory Rush: 2-1 Jupiter
  • Super Stadium Brawl Ball: 2-0 B-Boy
  • Minecraft Madness Gem Grab: 2-1 B-Boy
  • Sandy’s Jewel Robber: 2-1 B-Boy

B Boy vs. New Craftsman

B-Boy won 3-2.

  • Intersection robbery: 2-1 new craftsman
  • Siege on Olive Branch: 2-0 B-Boy
  • Blessing of heat wave: 2-1 New craftsman
  • Hard Rock Mine Gem Grab: 2-1 B-Boy
  • Triple dribbling brawl ball: 2-0 B-Boy