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The truth behind Bethesda and Obsidian competition revealed


The rivalry between Obsidian and Bethesda has grown over the years and has become even more intense with the announcement of Obsidian’s new RPG, Avowed.

Bethesda Software The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is still considered to be one of the best and biggest high fantasy role-playing games ever. However, the title is currently being properly challenged in the following ways: Sworn..

The announcement came during July Xbox game showcase.. Sworn It will be set to a large first-person RPG that takes place in the world of Eola which is the setting of Obsidian Eternal pillar.. In addition to Sworn, Obsidian Announces DLC Outside world, “The Gorgon Crisis,” and the full release of their multiplayer game, ground.. Sworn It will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10.

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Despite facing financial difficulties, the company has earned enthusiastic supporters. People who primarily remembered Obsidian and its predecessor Black Isle Studios by creating the original fall out Not just video games Fallout: New Vegas.. This is Obsidian first Eternal pillar, Has contributed $4.1 million in support of over 77,000 Patreon donations. The game was praised for its character, mature storytelling with meaningful choices, and was considered the spiritual successor to classic RPGs such as: Boulders gate.. When Sworn In the process, Bethesda has real rivals, funded by Microsoft.

But when and how did this competition begin between the two companies? Before Obsidian was formed, many of its employees used to work at Black Isle Studios, a division of Interplay Entertainment. Although their games were well received, the company suffered financially and was eventually shut down, selling all its IP rights in the process. This is included fall out, This was purchased by Bethesda.

Bethesda games are commercially successful. However, the company has made many mistakes and mistakes in recent years, leaving the fanbase almost alienated. Fallout 76.. Controversy surrounding the game since its initial release, players accused Bethesda of being released in an unfinished, buggy state, were easy to hack, had little or no storytelling or role-playing, and had the notorious canvas bag It was a big mistake. Before 76Many of the games developed by Bethesda are increasingly focused on gameplay and graphics rather than story, character, or player choice.

Fallout 76

This is not to say that the company has no strengths. Many of the worlds they create are extensible and beautiful, encouraging players to explore as many new places as possible. Making games more casual has helped reach a wider audience and gives more people the opportunity to experience the world and games they create. There are reasons many gamers know Skyrim, After all.

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After success Fallout 3Bethesda approached Obsidian and asked if he would develop the next fall out The game, their dev team was busy building it Skyrim.. Both companies New Vegas received Methacrylic If the score is 85 or higher, the Obsidian team receives a large bonus.

It took only 18 months to develop and it was a short time to develop and polish a game of that size. Bethesda New Vegas The team forced to remove many ideas that had to be on time. When released, it received a positive review just below the minimum requirements imposed by Bethesda. This was considered a big loss for a small company like Obsidian and caused a lot of layoffs. Was not for later success Eternal pillar, It is likely that the company was forced to shut down.

Fallout New Vegas

Despite the Obsidian’s willingness to work on another fallout game, Bethesda no longer tends to collaborate on future projects. This is mainly because it is not a development company owned by Obsidian. Obsidian has always responded to the specific crowds participating in the immersive RPG, bringing them closer to the Dungeons and Dragons adventure. And, as mentioned earlier, Bethesda has become more casual, serving as many audiences as possible, thereby producing more profit. Who can blame the obsidian for stealing Bethesda’s mantle?

I don’t have much information on either Sworn Or Elder Scroll 6, Obsidian’s new IP is off to a good start. Over time, Bethesda will see if it can embrace this challenge and create truly awe-inspiring games that bring them back to their roots.

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