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Brawl Stars Championship June, which COMP to use to WIN!

Brawl Stars Championship June, which COMP to use to WIN!

Brawl Stars Championship June, which COMP to use to WIN!

Today is the last of the 3 days of the Brawl Stars Championship in June, so let’s take the opportunity to understand which comp to use to win the monthly challenge.

Today I will try on Twitch to overcome the monthly challenge of June and if I succeed I will give random subscriptions to my subscribers and viewers in LIVE! I wait for you on twitch ->

The latest update changed the meta of Brawl Stars, revolutionizing the game and creating problems for competitive players. With this new update the TANK are back to life, especially the rare brawler El Primo has entered the Competitive goal thanks to his super regeneration that makes him jump a little everywhere.

The modalities of the BSC challenge in June are 5 and are:

  1. Double Bow Grab;
  2. Siege with Robot SpA;
  3. Domain with Campo eliso;
  4. Robbery with burning shoreline;
  5. Sought after with Canal Grande.

I will now break down the best comps to use in two ways: for players who have just started playing and have few brawlers, for players who have been playing for a long time and have almost maxed out accounts.

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COMP for those who DON’T have all the brawlers

  • Double arch: Pocho, El primo, Rosa. Pocho mid, El primo on the left and Rosa on the right
  • Robot S.P.A: Pocho, El primo, Euphonium
  • Eliso field : Pocho, El cousin and EMZ / Rosa
  • Burning shoreline: Stecca, El primo and Brock / Bombardino
  • Large channel: Rosa, El primo, Pocho.
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COMP for those with almost all Brawlers:

  • Double arch: Eugenio, Maxine and tara. Eugenio in the center, Maxine on the left and Tara on the right
  • Robot S.P.A.: bombardino, Maxine e Carl
  • Eliso field: Cecca, Energetik and Tick
  • Burning shoreline: Stecca, Bombardino and Jessie
  • Large channel: Eugenio, Tick, Rosa

I tell you from the start that this is one of the hardest monthly challenges I’ve seen so don’t be discouraged if you can’t complete it. Many PRO players have not succeeded in the enterprise, so it is really very difficult, at least aim to win the first thing to get the new reaction dedicated to the BSC of June.

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