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Brawl Stars make a huge difference in the way gadgets work


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Many balance changes Implemented for Brawl star today. Supercell has also made changes to the way gadgets work in the game.

Here is all you need to know about today Brawl star update.

Change in balance

  • Bea: Main attack projectiles increased by 5%.
  • Bibi: The speed of movement is so fast that it has become very fast.
  • Poco: Increased main attack damage from 660 to 700.
  • Spike: The effect of the curve ball has been increased by 60%.
  • Crow: Defense Booster charge reduced from 3 to 2.
  • EMZ: Friendzoner charges have been reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Jackie: Health reduced from 5,500 to 5,200.
  • Gene: Lamp blowout recovery reduced from 1,000 to 700.

Other changes

The gadget mechanism has undergone some major changes. The gadget only interrupts health regeneration when activated. Previously, you couldn’t restore brawler health while the gadget was in use. Gadgets are no longer interrupted by main or super attacks.

The confrontation mode has also changed. Meteors will now randomly drop in the early stages of the game and will no longer focus on one brawler. The damage caused by the poison cloud after 5 consecutive hits will increase.

Bug fixes

In addition, the update made some bug fixes to the game. The following has been fixed:

  • Game room crash bug.
  • Darryl’s inability to destroy decorations at the supermarket.
  • Jackie and Frankie kick the ball with a roll ball while channeling in the supermarket.
  • The fact that Tara cannot use gadgets to reveal all the enemies on the map.
  • A permanent “NEW!” badge on the shop.
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