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Super Mario Galaxy on Switch: No Joy-Con Motion Control Required

Super Mario Galaxy on Switch: No Joy-Con Motion Control Required

Nintendo Announced Super Mario 3D All Star collection On Thursday, long-standing rumors Super mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine,and Super mario galaxy It will be re-released on Nintendo Switch. The third game on the list, released in 2007 for the Wii with motion control, utilizes motion control in several aspects of the game. However, it doesn’t sound like it requires Joy-Con motion control to play. Great Mario Galaxy On the switch.

Based on it, but it’s not immediately clear Super Mario 3D All Star page“The player can either lightly shake the Joycon controller to activate Mario’s spin ability, or give the Joycon controller to a friend for further help in co-star mode,” he said. The asterisk in that sentence further clarifies that “a separate Joy-Con controller is required to play on Nintendo Switch Lite and is sold separately.”

In the first release of Galaxy, The second player can control the on-screen cursor to get the star bit and fire at the enemy. Help Mario jump. Or catch the enemy and stop their feet.

Polygon contacted Nintendo to clarify the range of motion control required Super mario galaxy To Super Mario 3D All Star, Received the following statement:

Super mario galaxy Supported on TV, tabletop and handheld modes. Motion control is required for pointer functionality in TV and tabletop modes. In handheld mode, the pointer function is adjusted to use the touch screen.

Nintendo is also Super Mario 3D All Star Supports Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.

Super Mario 3D All Star The switch will be released on September 18th. Nintendo says the game will be released in limited availability and will be available until March 31, 2021.