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Eva Martinello

Brawl Stars’ Welcome to Starr Park episode is the hottest Brawl Talk

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars The latest Broll Talk, titled “Welcome to Star Park,” has become the most watched episode of the Supercell talk show. It has been viewed more than 26 million times since it was first released on September 7.

In the episode, changes were introduced in the Season 3 game. The update was a “mini” that brought in some new skins, gift shops, quality of life changes, and new browlers and collets.

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But the main highlight of the brawl talk was the old-fashioned mysterious video of a Japanese man seeking a “lifelong investment” in Star Park. The man says there is no place for “fighting conflict” in the amusement park. But by the end of the brawl talk, players will realize that this may not be the case.

It’s still unclear what exactly Starr Park will bring Brawl star..

The Starr Park segment makes Brawl Talk the longest episode in the show’s history, with over eight minutes. This may have contributed to that huge viewing. This episode has been watched over 26 million times in just four days and is easy June Brawl Talk.. Introduced a scuffle pass into the game. At the time of writing this brawl talk, it has been viewed approximately 24.7 million times.

The new Brawler introduced in this update is Collete, a color rarity. The damage from her main attack depends on the enemy’s health, so she adds a new mechanic to the game. This makes her really good for Tankab Rollers.