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Weak key art

If you are not playing Weakened, Stop reading this article and go play Weakened!!
Figure: thorium

Kotaku Game DiaryKotaku Game DiaryThe latest thoughts from Kotaku staff about the game we’re playing.

Throughout my time WeakenedIt’s been in Early Access on PC since 2019, but last month I received the full release of PC and Xbox, which is part of the GamePass Library-I’m a lot of good soldiers-miners die I’ve seen

Bryeb was trampled by Bobo, a large primate who indiscriminately charges anything along the way. Luffy fell into a hole. Casman was killed by a spider. Tybailer didn’t see it coming. He was stabbed by something called a hideout. A spiked snake-like creature that sneaks underground and appears somewhere in the room without warning. Karan stepped on the trap switch and was shot with an arrow. The quincher was also stabbed by a lurker. Sades too. (The lurker is the worst.) Oliby was sacrificed. Emley was overwhelmed by the crowd — basically Zelda.. Maddy stepped on some spikes. Josera was taken out by an acid-spitting bat. I was able to continue.

Like many in the same industry Weakened Featuring nice pixel art and compelling top-down dungeon crawls, and if the fun continues, I wouldn’t be surprised Weakened Secure a spot on my Rogue Light Pantheon.

Weaken the start menu

Seeing these unprotected miners lined up, I had them taken to the pits.
screenshot: Thorium / Kotaku

Weakened The latest little gem found on the Xbox Game Pass. Yes, Microsoft’s game on demand service Try a big blockbuster, favorite Gear 5, Hello 5,and”Five(Example: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt). However, I’m using the service to test run a variety of small games to narrow down even more uses (and joy). From time to time I came across new favorites.

Attachment B: Legendary wizard, A game that I would otherwise have passed completely. Legendary wizard Roguely speaking, it’s a rogue light that crawls through top-down dungeons. Customize the loadout of the four spells before each run. The more you play, the bigger the spellbook, and my calculations show that the sum of potential loadout combinations quickly reaches points. It’s so cool, but the real draw is seamless local co-op. This gives both players access to a complete suite of unlocked spells.

To date, I’ve been timing for over 50 hours.

I finally gave it too Enter the ganjong One shot. (Yes, yeah, I’m four years late for the party. I know.) Everyone was right: It’s a great game. My only complaint is that the co-op drives the second player into a less powerful character. Otherwise, there are no notes. Shooting an animated bullet with a bullet is a complete explosion.

However, you haven’t used your game pass to sneak into different rogue lights for hours. After my colleague Mike Fahey Sang praise of CrossCode (And Sang again (For this year’s console release), I tried it. Lots of things I like-puzzle platform, tricky 2D but actually Vertical, fun art, but not suitable for me. (Don’t tell Mike.) Still, I’m glad I tried it.


Spirit Farrer One of the most beautiful games of the year.
screenshot: Thunder Lotus Game

And there are shining stars: Spirit Farrer, “A cozy management game about dying”. Unlike other management games, for example Frostpunk, And the game pass, and the ones I just tried for the service—Spirit Farrer It’s as laid back as it gets. Yes, as anthropomorphic animals approach the other side, you have to deal with the whims, but you can do it on your own terms without having to worry about ruining or killing your fellow animals. I can do it. They are already dead! In all the murder happy games of summer Spirit Farrer Welcome, a fascinating joy.

Push Rambo to 200mph Forza Horizon 4 Definitely great. Play with cowboy Red Dead Redemption 2It was the same when it was easily available. But singing is a small jewel of Game Pass. Well, excuse me, I have to go see what the fate of the next miner in the queue will be.

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