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Brigandine: Legend of Runersia for PS4 to be released worldwide on December 10th


PlayStation 4 version Brigandine: Legend of Renesia Will will be available worldwide on December 10th, with publisher Happinet and developer Matrix Software. Announced..

in Japan, Brigandine: Legend of Renesia For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 for 7,200 is available both physically and digitally. In addition, the limited edition of 11,800 yen includes a 2-disc “Music of Runersia” original soundtrack CD set, an “Art of Runersia” visual book, a “Tactics of Runersia” guidebook, and Raita Kazeda’s artwork. Includes a special box.

In North America, a limited edition live version is available from Limited Run Games.

Brigandine: Legend of Renesia The first digital version of Switch was released worldwide on June 25th. In Japan, it was physically available on Switch, and Limited Run Games distributed the physical edition in North America.

New Producer letter, Producer Kazuhiro Igarashi also shared information about updates that will be released at the same time as the release of PlayStation 4.

“We’re still in development, so I can’t tell you the details yet, but we’re planning a free update of the game on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4,” Igarashi said. “When making this update, we consciously chose to prioritize players who have already purchased the game. We wanted to give back by providing more content to all passionate people. Brigandine Fans who write reviews, recommend games, stream games, and spread their appeal to as many people as possible. “

Mr. Igarashi continues. “The goal of this update is to get players who feel like they’ve done everything they can with the Switch version to play again and get more people interested in the game. There are multiple aspects. So it will take some time to develop, but we would like to release it before the release of PS4. It will be a while before we announce the details and officially announce it. Still, we are looking forward to these futures. please Brigandine: Legend of Renesia development of! “

The following is an overview of the game.

Conquer the continent in this grand strategy simulation game

On the continent of Renesia, there are six great powers with over 40 bases, 100 knights and 50 different monsters.

Choose a ruler, form a platoon of knights and monsters, march and demand enemy bases.

Players choose how to fight, so devise the best strategy to lead the country to conquer the continent. How does your legend unfold?

A simple yet deep war simulation game with unit growth and map-based platoon battles

The season moves to Renesia, each consisting of an organizational phase and an attack phase.

In the organizing phase, knights and monsters of different classes and skills are organized into platoons to prepare for the next battle.

During the attack phase, turn-based platoon combat takes place on a map consisting of hexagonal spaces. Use unit skills, elements, enclosure effects, terrain benefits, and other combat tactics to win!

All nations, knights and monsters in the game will continue to fight and grow like you.

The game is packed with other ways to grow your army, including class changes, equipment, and various items.

Immersive gameplay with high reproducibility

Enemy nations also aim to conquer the continent and attack bases to do so. The battle over the continent is different for each playthrough. Accumulate stories and events from 6 countries on records. After clearing the main mode, The Legend of Runersia, the Alternate Chapter Challenge Mode will be unlocked for even more playback.

World setting

Renesia-A continent that has been blessed with mana showers for a long time.

The five mana stones discovered long ago are embedded in a special armor called brigandine.

These have become known as the brigandine of justice, holiness, freedom, glory, and ego.

Now Lunecia 781, the battle between five countries and a small tribe with incompatible ideologies is imminent.

The six rulers and their rune knights each throw themselves into conflict with their own hopes and expectations.

Once the land is united under a single flag, memories from the legend of Renesia will be regained, where the truth of what happened in Renesia will be revealed.

Check out the PlayStation 4 version debut trailer below. View a series of screenshots in the gallery.

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