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Brighten your pandemic life with Google's new AR animals

Brighten your pandemic life with Google’s new AR animals

Google AR cat.

Google AR cat.
screenshot: Google

I’ve always been a fan of cats since I was young (although dogs are nice too). Still, the current landlord doesn’t allow cats, so I decided to follow cute cats on Instagram. Given that I live alone, I often thought during the pandemic that it would be more interesting to have a cat.

Well, I may not yet be able to get a real cat, but Google search has offered a fun and cool alternative: 3D augmented reality animals. Google’s AR animals aren’t new, Easter bunny To dinosaur In the past — recently announced that it will add 50 new animals for discovery by search engines. And yes, the cat made a cut (Yay).

In the announcement video, Google didn’t include an extensive list of new animals, but did offer some new animals such as giraffes, dairy cows, cats, zebras, pigs, and chow chow. People 9to5Google We have created an extensive list of their discoveries and have found 25 animals so far! Their findings include beagles, border collies, hamsters, hippos, ox, red pandas, and Welsh Corgi, but many others.

For beginners, Google’s AR animals are very popular because they can be placed in their space using search engines. You can also show off your new friends by taking pictures and making videos on your mobile phone. Finding animals is “relatively” easy (I have some terrifying luck). Just search for the animal on Google and scroll down the page until you see a block with the “View in 3D” option. This allows the mobile phone to rotate, so to speak, in an AR “projector”, giving a true model of the animal along with sound effects. It will allow you to move animals around the house.

The best emperor penguin ever.

The best emperor penguin ever.
Photo: Gizmodo

Unfortunately, the cat doesn’t seem to have appeared yet. However, I had the opportunity to see macaws and dinosaurs in the living room. Even if the penguins didn’t stop crying, the penguins were my favorite. If you still don’t know what to look for in AR, Google has a handy page. Some ideas..

If anything, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the animal you’re looking for and do something different at home while you’re safe. I love penguins, but I don’t think I’ll be this close to them. Now let’s see if we found a Google cat.

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