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The Eclipse update will arrive on December 17th!

The Eclipse update will arrive on December 17th!

NexonMassively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Mabinogi Today we announced the first part of the new G25 update. Hypernova: EclipseExplore the sixth night of the seven nightmares and introduce two new NPCs on December 17th. While waiting for the update and update event Hyper Bingo, Milletian will be able to participate in the currently available G25 precursor event and the Winter 2020 Master Plan.

Start-up December 17th, Players can check out the final episode of Chapter 7 to learn more about Pontifuetan, who was empowered by the God of Love, and Enya, a follower of Remirak and a member of Pontif’s court.

In addition, new Hyper bingo event It’s also playable until January 14th and offers great rewards such as reforging tools, new figures, second title coupons, costumes and chairs.

To prepare Mabinogi G25: Hypernova update, players can participate in a series of limited-time in-game events currently available.

  • G25 Precursor Event: Until December 17th, players will be able to help Dunbarton Town Square’s Caravan Joe receive sweet rewards such as Black Combo Cards, Skill Black Combo Card Exchange Coupons, and Black Moonstone Fragments to get gems. ..
  • Winter 2020 Master Plan: Until February 11th, players will receive many buffs and hot day rewards, including reforging tools and upgrade stones, daily free replays, new advanced skill training EXP and rank-up bonuses, and echo stone upgrade success rates. I can do it. There are also shops with new costumes, wings, enchantment scrolls, second title coupons and more, which players can buy with winter coins earned through the event.
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Part 2 of Mabinogi G25 update, Hypernova: GlyphwrightWill be available in January and will be the last and seventh night of the seven nightmares.