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British politicians are proposing legislation to stop scalping PS5 and Xbox Series X / S •

British politicians are proposing legislation to stop scalping PS5 and Xbox Series X / S • TECH GAMING REPORT

Since both releases Xbox series X / S And Playstation 5, The story of Scalper Scalping group dominated the headline -It doesn’t seem to have any effect on anyone scalping other than a pile of delicious profits. But now a group of politicians wants to take action. Several MPs have filed a motion in the British Parliament to ban the resale of significantly overpriced consoles and PC parts.

As discovered by VGC, motion The MP, submitted by six Scottish National Party (SNP) lawmakers, has asked the government to introduce a law prohibiting the resale of game consoles and PC components at prices well above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRRP). I’m looking for. MP suggests that this may be essentially similar to existing legislation on secondary ticket sales. This requires sellers to be transparent and avoid misleading customers. The move also identifies the resale of goods purchased by Bot as potentially illegal.

Is there anything I can do to stop the PS5 and Xbox Series X scalpers?

So far, Early Day Motion has 21 signatures, but currently there is no date for discussions at the House of Commons. Early Day Motions aims to draw attention to topics of interest. So while this is a call for controversy rather than a commitment to introduce the law, the fact that it was raised is still noteworthy. You’ll probably see this introduced as a bill someday, but first you have to see if MPs are interested in developing a law to address the issue. So far, Conservative lawmakers have never signed to support the movement. This is not great news given that they are currently in government.

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The group that snaps up the console and graphics card I’m reportedly using a bot You can search the internet to find items, and Scalper can beat legitimate customers by buying consoles much faster than humans.Given such a console Xbox Series X / S may run short next year, It’s a problem that won’t go away soon.