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Buy PS5: location at MediaMarkt and Saturn on April 9. – Great drop chances


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MediaMarkt and Saturn are the number 1 point of contact for the PS5 in Germany. New supplies could arrive soon. We show you the current situation.

Update of 04/09/2022, 08:50 am: Consoles continued to appear locally at MediaMarkt and Saturn stores this week. Small stock of the console was sold here. Many pundits are now using this as an opportunity to speculate on an upcoming sales campaign by the two dealers directly at the branches. This was repeatedly organized by MediaMarkt and Saturn, especially last year. Such action could be pending in the next week and bring some cheer to some fans shortly before Easter.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
Type stationary game console
Generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Local sale at MediaMarkt

Update of 04/08/2022, 13:30: PS5 consoles are reportedly on sale today at MediaMarkt Nienburg as part of the grand reopening. There should still be some available. So if you live nearby, try your luck.

Update of 04/08/2022, 10:00 am: Rumors are currently circulating that PS5 consoles can be purchased today at MediaMarkt in Nienburg. Unfortunately, we cannot yet confirm if this is true. But if you live nearby, give it a try. They’re having a grand reopening there today and there should be plenty of strong deals, but apparently also the PS5.

Update of 04/08/2022, 09:40 am: For our Austrian readers: Apparently the PS5 can now be reserved locally at some (not all) MediaMarkt branches in Austria (eg Wien Mitte), as a bundle with Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West for €650 against a €100 deposit Location.

Update from 04/08/2022 at 08:45: Even today (and in the days to come), we recommend keeping an eye on your local MediaMarkt and Saturn representatives as a precaution. At least two Saturn stores had already offered the PlayStation 5 on the site this week and it can’t be ruled out that more MMS branches could follow before Easter.

Incidentally, spontaneous campaigns from other retailers are in principle possible at any time and without notice, especially now, just before Easter. You can find a full look at the current PS5 supply situation here on our live PS5 ticker: Buy PS5: Ticker on April 8. – This is where the supply possibilities are greatest today.

Update from 04/07/2022 at 11:15Note: If you’re currently looking for PS5 games, check out MediaMarkt’s Easter campaign. Might well be worth it – Buy a PS5 – 3 for 2 action at MediaMarkt – get Elden Ring and Horizon for free

Update of April 7, 2022: It wasn’t that long ago that MediaMarkt and Saturn sold the console online. Currently, however, local MMS markets should also be monitored as a precaution. Because in the current week, at least two Saturn markets have offered a limited number of PS5 consoles on the site, as a bundle to go. So it could well be that other branches do the same before Easter.

Original message from April 6, 2022: Hamburg: When looking for Sony’s PS5, fans in Germany can’t avoid MediaMarkt and Saturn. The two dealers have sold the most consoles and are considered a safe place to go. Replenishment arrives here quite regularly and the number of new deliveries doesn’t disappoint either. Thousands of consoles pass through the digital store counter here by drop. We tell you what is happening with PS5 supplies at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Buy PS5: MediaMarkt and Saturn as console giants: when will there be supplies?

When was the last time the PS5 was available to buy? The latest drop on MediaMarkt and Saturn took place in two parts. The last replenishment at MediaMarkt was on March 23. On Saturn, the crash took place on March 28. This was because both dealers were struggling with major technical issues and therefore Saturn was only able to start a few days later. But there were also difficulties. In the event of a crash, these links are important:

When could there be a recharge? MediaMarkt and Saturn normally replenish them once a month. However, this number has decreased in recent months, so the next drop could come a little later. However, technical issues with the last drop sparked all sorts of speculation. It is possible that not all shares have been sold yet and another drop is imminent.

In addition, many experts expect a new sales campaign directly at the branches. That could be as far before Easter. No consoles have appeared here for a long time, so a local drop is quite conceivable.

The PS5 is not sold online at MediaMarkt and Saturn on a fixed day of the week. The weather also varies a lot. There were descents in the early morning, but also in the afternoon.

Buy PS5: Replenishment at MediaMarkt and Saturn – The situation on 04.06.

© MediaMarkt/Saturn/Sony/Unsplash

Buy PS5: Tips for buying consoles from MediaMarkt and Saturn

You should keep these tips in mind: At MediaMarkt and Saturn there is a so-called shopping cart trick. If you still have a PS5 in your shopping cart from a previous drop that you were unable to purchase, you should not remove it from the shopping cart. In the next drop, sometimes exactly these people have an advantage and could attack before the official drop.

Also, drops at MediaMarkt and Saturn tend to take place in waves. Therefore, there are often two waves that take place a few minutes apart. Also, there are usually always supplies at MediaMarkt and Saturn, not just one of the two retailers. If you missed the drop at MediaMarkt, you should keep an eye on Saturn. I should continue a little later. We have summarized the general situation regarding the PS5 in another article. *Affiliate link

List of rubrics: © MediaMarkt/Saturn/Sony/Unsplash

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