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Via Battera, volontaria derubata mentre scarica dall

By means of Battera, a volunteer robbed while unloading endangered pet foodstuff from the car or truck

We publish from Antonella from Trieste

Yesterday, Tuesday, December 28, in by using battera 27

My bag was stolen from my car or truck by smashing the window.

Whilst we were taking foods to the warehouse 😥

The bag is black, within a black wallet with the Guess brand, without the need of economic but sentimental worth.

Inside of 80 euros (that I will not see much more)

Id card, driving license, health card.

Bancomat (by now blocked) Quite a few playing cards of all sorts, personal notes.

An agenda with private appointments, sheets, and many others. it is about affiliation.

1 envelope with 26 euros for the kokoro doggy (rescued and brought to Italy for cure)

I talk to if the inhabitants of the area can take an extra eye on the bordering environmentally friendly areas or underneath the cars, I seemed in the containers but almost nothing, the carabinieri suggested me to verify far better with daylight … because they typically throw absent what he does not treatment.

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