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What are the hardest titles of all time?

What are the hardest titles of all time?

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Fano 12/29/2021
– Playing has always been one of the favorite activities of human beings. Each of us learns the game from the first months of life and always brings with it the emotions and fun that these experiences are capable of providing. However, not all games are created equal.

Some are capable of testing our cognitive abilities and capacities. Today we will talk about the most difficult of all. There is something for everyone, from the great classics to board games to modern video games. It is time to challenge yourself.

We begin our review with one of the most popular games in the world – bridge. Born in England and later developed in its current form in Italy, it provides for two alternating phases in each game: the “declaration” and the actual game. In the first phase, each team sets a goal of tricks that they must complete in the second phase. From there, the player you hire will also have to move his partner’s cards. We did not go into the specific details of the regulations, we just thought that several times there was thought to bring a bridge to the Olympics. A choice that has always failed due to the difficulty of discipline.

Between traditional and classic entertainment one of the most complex is undoubtedly blackjack. Not so much because of the basic rules but because of the practically infinite number of combinations. The goal is simply to beat the dealer and the opponent without exceeding the score of 21. To do this, however, there are countless ways and countless things to consider. Books have been written on blackjack, mathematical strategies have been devised, and college treatises have been written. A very fascinating game.

There is no shortage of extremely complex titles even among modern card games. One of the most challenging and especially suitable for science fiction lovers is Android Netrunner. We are talking about one of the best games in the genre of living card games. Set in a cyberpunk science fiction universe, Android will put us to the test with an asymmetric and complex card system in which we will have to impersonate some runners, whose objective is to steal resources from adversaries or the Corporation, or the defense corps. The possible strategies are practically endless.

On the board game side, one of the most complex works is the award-winning Gloomhaven. It is an RPG set in a science fiction setting in which the game is developed according to the choices of the players. However, unlike traditional RPGs, you don’t need a narrator because it stands on its own. Matches can last for many hours and take unpredictable turns. If we do not want to go crazy to learn all the rules and possibilities, it is best to start playing with an experienced player.

Among video games, two titles stand out that in recent years have put even the most seasoned and seasoned gamers to the test. The first is The Witness. Born of the mind of legendary Jonathan Blow, The Witness is set on a desert island and will involve us with an endless series of puzzles and minigames that are very difficult to solve. What makes it extremely changeable is that there is never a single solution to every problem. On the other hand, there are innumerable variations and application possibilities even for the most banal landscape elements. To learn to untangle ourselves on stage we will have to spend hours and hours in front of the screen.

The second is a series. Or Ninja Gaiden’s. From the beginning and from the first launch. For the NES, the series has always stood out for its extremely high level of difficulty. The reboot released in 2004 is no exception and was immediately labeled one of the most complex video games ever. The most complicated of all is the second chapter of the saga, Ninja Gaiden II, but experienced gamers will also find bread to their teeth with the Black / Sigma reissues and with the various sequels.