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Call of Duty Pro calls Activision to return to PlayStation and Xbox for competitive gaming


Call of Duty League has made big changes for 2021. First, it has been moved to Black Ops Cold War from Modern Warfare. Second, it adopted a 4v4 architecture that went from 5v5. However, the last and most important change was the decision to switch to PC from consoles.

The era of PlayStation and Xbox ended when Activision announced that the 2021 season will equip PCs with league-certified consoles. Many fans were disappointed that the studio made such a big change. While the studio has not fully migrated to the PC by avoiding the mouse and keyboard, it has shut down a large community.

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Call of Duty League 2021 PC Switch encourages piracy

With Activision’s announcement, many people became suspicious of the decision. The biggest concern that arose was that it would encourage piracy. Hacking, while not impossible, is highly unlikely on consoles. However, with computers it is a bit easier.

CDL can easily monitor intrusions on LAN events. However, the online competitors and other events also follow the same format as the tournament to be held on PC + controller. There would be no way to monitor this, especially given the lack of a proper anti-cheat tool in Call of Duty games.

Living room with Sony PlayStation 5 home video game console and DualSense controller with TV, captured November 3, 2020 (Photo by Phil Barker / Future Publishing via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Fans predicted correctly, since Call of Duty tournaments started to return to normal, cheating cases have been steadily increasing. Professional COD operator SergeantAnd he noted in a recent tweet that this step had failed. He said go ahead. There are only two options. The first option is for the League and other leagues to return to PlayStation or Xbox.

The second option is to invest Activision in a better fight against fraud. As past events dictate, the second option is clearly less likely than Raven’s software fixing Warzone’s Infinite Stimulus bug. Therefore, it could spoil the experience for many players trying to be successful in Call of Duty.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the only way forward is to go back to PlayStation or Xbox. The study is already exclusively with Sony. Therefore, they can easily return to the league on the new PS5. We hope Activision will quickly identify the problem and take the necessary action.

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