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Call of the Wild: The Angler – New game from the developers of theHunter


After hunting in theHunter, it’s time to go fishing in The Angler. Source: Expansive Worlds

A surprising announcement has been made and it is currently from the Swedish developer. expansive worlds. While your digital hunter community is waiting for the Hunter Call of the Wild Finland update, a new game has now been unveiled. With The call of the wild The fisherman the studio is now targeting fishing fans.

This feature is sure to be on the wish list of many theHunter players. The welcoming nature and great atmosphere of the game would always have lent itself to a little fishing. It is not known if it is due to technical reasons or if you prefer to separate these two types of games, but Expansive Worlds has probably decided to dedicate a completely separate game to the fishing experience.

Call of the Wild The Angler is expected to release for PC later this year (Microsoft, Steam, Epic Games). Console versions are announced for later. As a direct competitor to popular fishing games like russian fishing 4 Players should be able to move freely on land and water in the huge game world and go on a fishing tour with up to 12 people in co-op.

COTW The Fisherman Trailer:

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in the COTW the fisherman Trailer, the voice of a twisted narrator already makes us curious:

“What is so special about this hobby that takes you deep into nature?
Is it freedom?
Looking for the perfect job?

You make your way through the hills.
You enjoy the fresh water of our lakes and rivers.
You spend time on the water, at sunrise, with friends.

After the sun goes down, you help the residents.
And you keep coming back.

Now you have a good idea of ​​what is hiding below the surface.
But there’s only one way to find out.
It doesn’t matter if you make a fantastic catch or it eludes you.

That feeling just won’t let you go.
Whether it’s your first time or the hundredth.

You never know what your next catch will be
until finally it bites.

The one shown in the trailer. Golden Reserve It looks a lot like the familiar Hunter Call of the Wild cards, but it seems to be a new environment. Graphically, the titles are also more or less on par. Both games use the internal Apex engine. There may have been a bit of fresh cell treatment, because some effects look new, but this could also be due to the reworked trailer.

what awaits you

At The Angler you can move freely around the area, either on foot, by 4×4 or by boat. With a particularly intuitive casting technique, fishing should be a particularly captivating experience. Each species of fish must have its own behavior and special characteristics. This requires players to carefully control their movements when retrieving the reel. For the environment, Expansive Worlds has developed a complex system that realistically simulates water temperature, depth, altitude, and much more. Based on these parameters, it should be possible to determine where the fish stocks are in real life. Every catch should become a lasting memory.

In Call of the Wild The Angler, players will learn to master different fishing techniques and develop their own strategies to land even the most impressive catches. You should be able to draw on a large selection of rods and other equipment. The language is of a growing collection of reels, lines, floats, hooks, lures and lures. On the way to become a master fisherman, you must assemble your ideal team setup and gradually face exciting fishing challenges.

Continuous support

With the announcement, the developer Expansive Worlds is already committed to long-term support. Regular updates are meant to expand the game and always offer new experiences. It can be assumed that the successful concept of theHunter COTW will be followed here. Consequently, we could regularly expect new updates, but also paid DLC.


Die-hard fans of theHunter may have mixed feelings about the new title. If you’re expecting boat shutters for the first time at theHunter COTW, which at least allow for a rudimentary “inspection” of the water, The Angler goes the extra mile. A mechanism that one could have wished for in the hunting simulator. Without a doubt, a more complete experience would have been the combination of both disciplines in one game; there would probably have been a corresponding overlap in target groups. But it can be assumed that Expansive Worlds will want to take a slightly different path with The Angler. We can definitely be curious and if you not only like to hunt but also enjoy fishing then you should definitely keep an eye on the title.

By the way: the name of the new fishing game is a bit cute. The franchise name theHunter is probably a bad place to start, since fishing doesn’t usually refer to hunting. This is why the developers are more likely to rely on the addition of Call of the Wild. According to the nomenclature, one would probably also have it theAngler: Call of the Wild can do, but this is not the case. Perhaps we’ll find out at a later date why they decided differently on Expansive Worlds.

Call of the Wild The Angler Screenshots:

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