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Car news: is it worth choosing the VW Arteon Shooting Brake over the VW Passat?

Car news: is it worth choosing the VW Arteon Shooting Brake over the VW Passat?

Since crossovers have established themselves as the dominant species in nearly every class of passenger car, hard times have come for traditional large-scale forms. Perhaps this is why Volkswagen has managed to give the high-end Arteon model an unusual and unconventional format.

Like the premium Volkswagen, the Arteon is only available with two-liter engines, not counting a plug-in hybrid based on the 1.4 TSI. Power Shooting Brake is not lacking: the diesel end has engines of up to 200 horsepower, but the top of the gasoline units is the Arteon R with 320 horsepower. The higher the power, the more likely the long car is all-wheel drive. The 20-inch wheels in this kit may seem unsuitable for our roads, but the suspension settings and practical test prove otherwise. Be careful with the holes and everything will be fine!

The road to the Arteon Shooting Brake is open with front-wheel drive versions powered by 150-190 hp engines. When driving, it feels like this is not a sports car, but rather a grand tourer with a popular car logo on the front. Unusual and by no means cheap, but Shooting Brake will eventually become more affordable than actual premium liftbacks, speed bikes, and other atypical five-door limousine introductions.

At the same time, even in the dark interior of the R Line, there is more light and space, making Arteon a very pleasant companion for future trips, especially in this version with double laminated glass, matrix lights and Harman Kardon sound. .

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