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Cava de ‘Tirreni: the municipality in search of sponsors to recover the attractions


Cava de ‘Tirreni: the municipality in search of sponsors to recover the attractions. Talk about it Giuseppe Ferrara in an article in today’s issue of the newspaper The city of Salerno.

Rides too deteriorated and dangerous for children: first cordoned off and then removed. Now, for the Villa Schwerte playground in via Vittorio Veneto, the Municipality asks the Cavesi businessmen for help and organizes the sponsorship notice in order to recover the financial resources necessary to restore one of the largest areas dedicated to entertainment. of the kids. The matter had come to the attention of the city council on several occasions, at the request of minority councilors. Raffaele Giordano (“We are Cavesi”) e Clelia Ferrara (Brothers from Italy), in light of the complaints of the many parents who were unable to bring their children to the village due to the danger and inaccessibility of the attractions. Giordano and Ferrara, in particular, had highlighted the absence of adequate flooring for children’s games and that the few remaining carousels were unsafe because they were not maintained.

Mothers, then, had complained about the general lack of public spaces dedicated to children and the need to carry out specific restoration and maintenance work on the slides and swings in Via Vittorio Veneto. So the administration had taken cover by first initiating a dispute with the administrators of the village for the serious infractions found, and then revoking the cession of the playground. How it see first, a unique maintenance problem turned out to have deeper and more complex roots. Failure The maintenance of the playground, in fact, was due to the unexpected interruption of the collaborative relationship between the City Council and the company in charge of managing the town. The owners of the management, in fact, had transformed the cloister of the municipal village into an unauthorized pizzeria, thus ignoring the contractual agreements concluded with the City Council to management of the Schwerte park.

The Administration, in fact, had accused the company of contractual breaches for “having made changes in the movable and immovable property granted by the Entity without the prior consent of the Asset Service.” It was supposed to be a simple restaurant serving the park users for the management of drinks and snacks, it had been turned into a real unauthorized open-air pizzeria complete with an oven and an occupancy that exceeded the limits allowed by the concession, not suitable for the green public area of ​​Villa Schwerte.

Faced with these evidences, therefore, the Municipality, after several reminders aimed at restoring the state of the places and observing the contractual requirements, but which remained unnoticed, was forced to order the expiration of the concessionary relationship. Meanwhile, however, It is urgent to restore the playground to make it available to children who attend the municipal village with their parents. And so with determination executive signed by the manager of the Public Works and Heritage sector, Antonino Attanasio, it was decided to resort to sponsorship. The procedure, in essence, consists of identifying local economic operators interested in acquiring new carousels and benches to place them in the special Villa Schwerte playground. Next, it will be the task of the Green and Maintenance Public Service to manage and control the correct installation of the new structures, which will also include the placement of advertising plaques and information on sponsors related to the companies and entrepreneurs that have joined the project.

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