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Celebrate OnePlus Day with big savings available only today

Happy OnePlus Day!You may be asking, what the heck OnePlus Day??Well, it’s a big sale at the OnePlus stores we offer Significant savings on OnePlus products.. As the name implies, however, these sales are only available until the end of the day … and some of the sales are only available in certain time slots! OnePlus actually emulates the Prime Day model with this.

For this celebration, there are some big discounts on OnePlus’ flagship phones and earphones, but what really stands out is the $ 100 off flash sales. That’s exactly right. Save $ 100 on great products in a 6-hour time slot. This week, the OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T Pro, and OnePlus 8 are $ 100 off, all with their own active time slots. If these deals are attractive, don’t delay, as you won’t take long to grab them!

But if you come across this a little later, don’t despair. OnePlus Day has a lot of sales that last until midnight ET tonight.pick up OnePlus 8TFor example, you can get a free pair of OnePlus Buds. Speaking of OnePlus Buds Black Friday costs only $ 59, so if you’re just looking for new earphones, you’ll know you’re buying them for the best possible price.

The· OnePlus 8 Pro Same, Black Friday is currently priced at $ 799. OnePlus Buds are also included!

    OnePlus Day!

    Save Significant OnePlus Products With The OnePlus Day Sale! Whether you’re taking a $ 100 flash sale or getting something early at the Black Friday price, you won’t be disappointed with this sale.

Again, these deals only last until the end of the day, but with a silver lining. OnePlus will continue OnePlus Day every Wednesday for the next few weeks. Some items may remain the same, but sales may vary from week to week. But don’t sleep with what you might want! Check back next week to see how many days new OnePlus will be for fans.

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