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What Arizona Wildcats players said about Utah, preparing for a fanless match


The· Arizona Wildcats Open a shortened 2020 season on the road against defense Pac-12 South Champion Utautes.. ESPN2 MST at 1:30 pm on Saturday.

Here’s what the UA team captain had to say about the surreal experience of playing games without Utah and fans:

Arizona Cornerback Lorenzo Burns In Utah, there are numerous question marks for attacks, including quarterbacks.You just need to prepare for everyone. That applies to any team. Someone may be injured during the practice week, or someone may be injured in the week before the match. You never know. Someone may test positive the day before the game (for COVID-19) and go out the next day. So the way we work on things is prepared for everything, what quarterbacks play, what running backs play, and so on. First, the second string, it doesn’t matter. “

scald About Utah’s play style: “I know I’ve been here for the last few years. Utah is always trying to be the most physical team. Pac-12.. They are known to have a D-line, but after all, everyone has to go out and play the ball. It doesn’t matter what kind of football they are trying to play. In my personal opinion, anyone can win on Saturday. So the style of attack they carry out, everyone knows they are trying to run the ball in every game. They had Zack Moss (running back) last year, but he’s gone. But they are a good team. Everyone knows that they are a good defensive and offensive team. At the end of the day, you need to step into the field every Saturday and believe in yourself. “

Arizona QB Grant Ganell About Utah Defense: “(Kyle) Whittingham has been there for years and you can see that they are playing the same technique as them. [defensive backs] And something like that. He’s going to dial up some different blitzkrieg, some different fronts, but he has to be a lot of people, get ready, look at the different looks, and everything they give us Know where to put the ball when you have the answer to the various looks of. “

Arizona TE Bryce Wolma Why Utah’s defenses are so good: “I think they are really well taught on defense. They have a really simple game plan, but they have someone who fits their role very well so do it. You can. In advance, they are always big and physical, and there are people on the outside who just run the press and offend you and say, “Hey, we’re going to beat you.” Taking a long vacation, we spent a lot of time watching their movies over the past few years, what they played against us, all sorts of them. So I think we have a pretty good game plan, but I think they are a very big and physical team and present a lot of challenges, especially at Front 7. “

Burns when playing without fans: “It’s bittersweet and can be positive or negative. Sometimes you can hear the roar of the crowd and it can move you. But at the same time, it brings you some kind of calm. Because now you don’t have all those distractions on the stand. Personally for our team, we know we’re excited, we’re there We’re going to create our own energy. We’re pushing each other and getting ready for each other. We’re already ready to play. “

Gunnell to play without fans: “I don’t feel any difference in preparing for the road game. I think I’m preparing for the crowd noise and music on Saturday. Fans while trying to get a play call or signal. I think it might be in our favor that he isn’t screaming in his ears …. If you don’t have all the fans, there’s a bit of pressure. You can get your thoughts faster. “

Harris on how Arizona is preparing for a fanless game: “(Actually) there’s music, fan noise, announcers. We’re practicing as if it were a real game and there are people there …. we’re at home When they’re noisy, it spoils a kind of attack, so (with fans) is very useful on the defender because they need to change how they snap the ball and how they need to change them. I think you communicate. When you are defending, you can pick them up and they will help you. “

Harris said whether his parents would play Utah or play in his brother Jason’s Colorado match:I don’t know what they are planning. I think I’m just looking at it from home. They intend to support both of us, I wish him good luck, and he told him he would be nervous at first-it’s a football game, I’m still in every game I’m nervous at-but just calm down and slowly make sure you know what he’s doing. “

Gannel’s pre-match routine: “I like to take a nap before the game to make sure I’m resting. And there’s one song I want to hear before the game. It’s Hey Ya from Outkast. It’s relaxing. I don’t know why. It’s the only song I’ve loved for the rest of my life. “

Burn in his best memories of his previous match against Utah in Arizona: “There are so many moments and it’s hard to pick one. I haven’t won yet, so I’m waiting for that victory. I think it’s going to be a very important moment. But we almost hit them. Year defeated Brandon Dawkins I was still here (2017) and was ranked Darren Karrington, (Transfer) From Oregon. Just close to defeating them, it gives you a lot of motivation. “

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