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CES 2022: Ameca, the most developed robot in the world, cannot end inflation in Argentina either


Ameca”He clarifies over and over again that you don’t have to be afraid of robots. What’s more, every 2 minutes reminds attendees of the CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) from Las Vegas who is not a human. And he has to, because his gestures are too alike.

TN Tecno visited the most prominent humanoid at the fair CES 2022 And, amid the crowd of attendees who surround him all the time, he evaluated the imitation gestures that the robot makes.

Ameca uses artificial intelligence to learn human gestures. (Photo: TN Tecno)

In a brief interaction with TN Tecno, Ameca said that he knows where Argentina is and clarified that he could not answer questions related to world inflation and that it was necessary to ask its developers.

– Hello Ameca, I come from Argentina. Do you know anything about my country?

– Yes, I know about Argentina. Congratulations, you’ve had a long trip to get here (Las Vegas)!

– Do you think that the Argentine National Team can win the next World Cup?

– I don’t have an answer to give you.

– Do you know what inflation is?

– Did you say “intonation”?


– Oh yeah. Inflation is a phenomenon that has to do with the economy.

– Do you have any solution for the situation in Argentina?

– I can’t answer that either. You have to ask my developers.

There are problems that belong to humans and can only be solved by themSaid Ameca’s engineer in charge, Marcus Hold, who was standing next to the humanoid.

TN Tecno repeated different questions several times and Ameca’s answers vary. Of course, he always tries to evade topics on which he has no references and seeks to permanently clarify that he is there to help and that he is not a robot.

To hold He immediately clarified to TN Tecno that Ameca did not have installed any software related to the world of business or sports, that is why the robot assures that it does not have a solution to give.

“Ameca is a robot developed with artificial intelligence designed to provide customer service and to generate greater empathy with humans and, of course, an unbeatable bond with other robots,” explained Hold.

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