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Google is increasing the links between PCs, mobiles and Chromebooks


On the occasion of the CES, Google presented several functionalities that reinforce the exchange of content and services between PCs, Chromebooks and Android smartphones.

In 2022, Google wants to strengthen the gateways between PCs, Android laptops, and Chromebooks. According to the roadmap of functions released by the firm for the coming months, PCs seem to be receiving special attention, although Google has already made progress in connecting the components of its Android ecosystem. As part of CES 2022 this week in Las Vegas, Google said it plans to work with Acer, HP and Intel to connect Android phones to PCs with Fast Pair, and then use that connection as a gateway for file sharing with Android’s Near Share, But it also syncs text messages and even configures bluetooth accessories. These features will be rolled out throughout the year, according to Google.

Near Share competes with your Windows Phone

However, we wonder how these upcoming features will coexist with Windows 10/11’s built-in Your Phone feature, which gives Android PCs and devices the ability to transfer files (especially photos) and interact with text messages. Some Android mobile phones will also allow your phone to interact with the phone screen. We know, however, that Your Phone will be in competition: “For the first time with Android, we will also develop for other platforms such as Windows, whether in the field of games, productivity or other areas,” Google wrote in a blog. mail.

This is how content sharing will work on Windows devices with Near Share. (Credit: Google)

When it comes to PCs, Google will focus primarily on Chromebooks. In this regard, the company said it will make several small improvements to Chromebook connectivity in the coming months. In 2022, it will be possible to use your Android smartphone to set up a Chromebook, in particular by transferring your Google account, as well as available WiFi connections and passwords. To some extent, the way Google uses mobile devices to configure Google Home devices and their associated services is a harbinger of this.

Chromebooks will benefit from other enhancements as well, including:

– Automatic unlocking of Chromebooks, Android phones will be extended to smartwatches under Wear OS.

– Adding capabilities to the Phone Hub feature. Today, your Chromebook can be used to view and respond to Chat, Do Not Disturb notifications, locate your phone, and navigate Chrome’s recent tabs. Soon, it will be possible to access your mobile chat applications from your Chromebook if the mobile is nearby. The firm also adds Camera Roll to the Phone Hub, so you can browse through the photos.

Quickly set up Chromebooks with an Android mobile device. (Credit: Google)

A focus on connected objects with Fast Pair

The company will also add various functions to other connected devices in the house relying on the Fast Pair service. “We are working with our partners to extend the existing Fast Pair audio connectivity with connected objects, headphones, speakers and vehicles, to televisions and smart home devices, so that all devices are instantly accessible every day,” he said. For example, you plan to use Fast Pair to quickly connect connected objects to a home network, including devices based on the universal Matter standard postponed until 2022. Google will also automatically start switching audio from the headphone / headphone to the device. The user is working. For example, if the user receives a phone call on their Android mobile while working on their Android tablet, the headphones will automatically connect to the smartphone.

Messaging will also be able to switch from Android phones to Chromebooks. (Credit: Google)

Finally, the services will be dedicated to connected cars. You can already use a Pixel or Samsung phone to unlock and turn on a BMW vehicle, but you won’t even have to take a phone that supports UWB technology out of your pocket to unlock a vehicle, and it will be possible to electronically send a key to third parties you want. lend the vehicle. Volvo cars connected with the Google Assistant will benefit from another feature called Assistant connectivity, to remotely heat and cool the vehicle and learn about the battery status.

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