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Cgil alarm for the San Gaetano di Crespino nursing home: yet another cut that is discharged to workers

Cgil alarm for the San Gaetano di Crespino nursing home: but yet another reduce that is discharged to staff

CRESPINO (Rovigo) – They are not willing to permit the secretary normal of the community function of Cgil Davide Benazzo and Elisa Cavallaro go to Filcams Cigl Rovigo because of what took place in Crespino. “After the reduction of two laundry work opportunities a handful of a long time back, which was followed by the reduction of the functioning working day of kitchen area workers a calendar year and a 50 % in the past and the reduction of four work opportunities in the lodge company, with the consequent relapse of workloads in the healthcare sector following the 7% slash in current contracts for the cleansing contract, Yesterday we witnessed one more social destruction with a deal that cuts contractual hours by 9% additional, usually in the identical cleansing workers and fully forgets the maintenance technician, then recovers at the last moment, however, cutting down 30% operating hrs “say the indignant unionists.

“All this by way of the contracting method with which public bodies, these kinds of as Municipality of Crespino, via the maximum reduction of impoverished employees and their family members, forced to this sort of Russian roulette that is repeated more and additional frequently for really shorter situations amongst just one race and yet another.

A technique where by the Municipality of Crespino implements the maximum precariousness and the greatest value reduction. It is worth wondering if between the Public Res to administer there are also men and women who operate for the products and services, due to the fact, in this situation, we can only give a strongly negative assessment of what this administration has done.

A silent competition in which a single firm participated, with no the slightest union confrontation, which forced the personnel, to help you save their work, to settle for the economic and quantitative worsening of their deal, to preserve their position.

Yesterday at the signing of the contracts, soon after an additional exhausting negotiation, we uncovered ourselves enduring the exact sentiment from the striking personnel who noticed other employees enter and just take their areas in entrance of the manufacturing facility gates: “If you do not indication the contract, the working day right after tomorrow we will continue on to begin the company with other workers for you“.

We will legally examine the contractual cuts used and the agreement alone, as properly as evaluate the risk via the point out of agitation of contacting the firm and the Municipality of Crespino collectively with a comparison at the prefectural table. – concludes the CGIL – a confrontation that to date we have not but been able to have concretely ”.