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Explore Easter digitally: Elster Kira explains the feast of the Resurrection in the online game "Discovering the Church" |  Sunday newspaper

Check out Easter digitally: Elster Kira clarifies the feast of the Resurrection in the online sport “Exploring the Church” | Sunday newspaper

Ottmar Eule points out the religions of the world

In the attic, nonetheless, is the kingdom of Ottmar Eule. He is familiar with a whole lot, particularly about the main religions of the environment. Points out the most important customs and festivals of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Why do Jews dress in a kippah? What is celebrated in the Hindu competition of Holi? Where is the Buddhist place of enlightenment? What are the five pillars of Islam and what is the double commandment of like that is vital to Christians?

Kids and grown ups can obtain answers to these and a lot of other questions on the web site. Even so, it is not only about imparting concentrated awareness, but also about performing it in a playful and pleasurable way.

There are guidance for crafts in the children’s worship company area and in just one corner you are invited to get creative and develop one thing oneself. What is created can be saved or sent.

The task team driving “Identifying the Church” is created and supervised by a task group of theologians, media scholars and playwrights, which includes Pastor Miklós Geyer (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria) and Nicola Rössert (Church on the Internet), the pastor Kay Oppermann and Pastor Micha Steinbrück (Evangelical Lutheran Hannover Regional Church) and Prof. Roland Rosenstock (College of Greifswald).

The undertaking was initially funded by the EKD media fund, the Itzelstiftung, the EKD broadcasting officer and the publishers.