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Index - National: Phishers cheat on behalf of packet senders

Index – National: Phishers cheat on behalf of packet senders

They try to extract data with messages sent on behalf of the parcel service providers. cyber criminals Police drew attention to its website on Tuesday.

The communications service of the National Police Headquarters wrote in its statement that since the entry into force of the quarantine regulations, the online shoppingand the number of deliveries made by parcel service providers. This situation has created a new opportunity for cybercriminals to obtain personal information and commit more crimes.

According to the leaflet, the police have received several public reports in recent days regarding text messages reminding the recipient of the arrival of a package in a short time. The message contains a link that opens a web page with the image elements of a package delivery service, but there is no function available there. The sole purpose of the site is to install an application containing malicious code on a careless visitor’s phone or other smart device so that the perpetrators can access the data stored on the device.

The attack mainly affects devices running Android, and even unauthorized persons can access the data stored in the netbank application. The police advise recipients to check in each case whether they are actually receiving the notification from the parcel service provider from whom the parcel is expected.

Also note that parcel service providers redirect users to their own official website to access the parcel tracking system. In most cases, the service providers also report the expected delivery date of the package directly in the message, it is not necessary to verify it in a separate interface.

They write.

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