Wednesday, April 17, 2024

China: 2021 anti-piracy campaign cleans up the web


Editorial responsibility of Xinhua.

(XINHUA) – BEIJING, SEPTEMBER 28 – A national anti-piracy operation against copyright infringements on the web has favored the reorganization of cyberspace; is what emerged today from an official statement.

According to the latter, copyright law enforcement departments at various levels have investigated 445 cases of online infringement, ordering the shutdown of 245 illegal websites and mobile apps that also transmit pirated content. They also removed 618,300 web links of the same type since the operation was launched last June.

The note states that during the campaign implemented by the China National Copyright Administration in collaboration with three other central departments, Internet platforms removed more than 8.46 million links that violated copyright laws and regulations, while the major video platforms have removed around 80,400 of those associated links. with the Tokyo Olympics.

The objectives of the operation in 2021 included edited short videos taken from unauthorized movies and television shows and copied by third parties without proper authorization, live streaming programs that broadcast movies, music, photos, games and other unauthorized works, as well as the unapproved. use of content protected by copyright in teaching and educational material.

This is the 17th national campaign against online copyright infringement since 2005. (XINHUA)

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua.