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How to find a lost or stolen cell phone: the official methods for Android and iOS phones


Outbursts of cell phones they are, unfortunately, something very common today. And while recovering the device is very difficult, finding out where it is is on the contrary a simple task thanks to the geolocation services included in both Android and iOS devices.

To find a cell phone with Android operating system, all you have to do is download the application “Find my device” (“Find my device” in Spanish). This app will not only tell us where our phone is, but also allows it to ring, block it and even erase all your data.

However, the most important thing is to have the service activated as a precaution, because otherwise it cannot be used if the phone is lost or stolen.

Google’s “Find My Device” allows you to track your Android phone, make it ring and also erase all your data to prevent someone else from having access to it.

The steps to be able to locate quickly through Google are the following:

  • Download “Find My Device”
  • Open it and enter the “Device Administrators” option from the menu, which is found within the security flap in the configuration
  • Activate the “Find my device” box and then return to the main menu
  • For it to work correctly, enter the Location section and then the mode to set it to high precision
  • Finally, go to the “Location History” part of Google and activate the history on the device

Once configured, the location of the device can be searched on any computer or smartphone. To do this, you have to access your Google account and type “find my cell phone” in the search bar.

In the search results, a section will appear that will ask us to re-enter the account to show us the location of the device and allow us to activate its alarm, block it or delete its content.

How to find an iPhone that was stolen or lost

Apple has an app to find lost computers called “Find my iPhone”. To activate the service you have to go to Settings> Account (user name)> iCloud and there select the option “Find my iPhone”.

Apple mobile devices also have their own geolocation tool.

The location can be viewed by accessing the iCloud page or using the same application from another cell phone or iPad. This will show the location of the cell phone on a map and if it is close, we can make it ring.

It should be noted that, in addition, iPhones have a “Lost Mode” that allows you to lock the device with a password, disable the cards linked to the cell phone and even display a message on the screen to try to get whoever found it to contact the owner.

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