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China hunts for video game cheaters

China hunts for video game cheaters

A network of video game cheats has just been dismantled in China. By offering players profitable subscriptions, this network would have raised over $ 750 million.

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Cheating in some video games is widespread and players complain about it a lot, and with good reason. An investigation carried out by the Chinese police and the computer giant Tencent for more than a year has led to the dismantling of a network of scam software providers. It is the largest action ever taken against this type of provider. The group is said to have raised more than $ 750 million.

While buying cheat software is not a new phenomenon, it has become a hugely lucrative business. Players bought a subscription for a fixed period (up to around $ 200 per month) to software that gave them a huge advantage. Providers made more than $ 10,000 a day thanks to this scheme. They were able to create a comfortable pace of life by spending this money on real estate, virtual currency, or luxury cars.

Maintain a healthy environment

After obtaining information, the Kunshan police raided several locations, shut down 17 websites and arrested 10 merchants, according to the official report. “The reason this is the largest seizure in the world” comes down to three key factors, explained the Kunshan police: “First, because huge sums of money are at stake. There are many games at stake. Games from different countries China is also involved. The last factor is simply due to the large volume of users. In fact, the providers did not operate only in China.

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In gaming communities, some are wondering about the impact of this dismantling. For several years, suspicions of cheating have fueled the daily lives of some professional players. Those responsible for this supplier have seen their assets seized and risk being sentenced to prison. With one of the largest cheat providers now out of commission, Chinese police have said they will “continue to work hard to maintain the gaming environment.”