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Google chat is now available to the public! New Gmail infrastructure with room tabs

Just a few days ago, Gmail, like Google Meet, was integrated with multiple features, including chat messaging and the Group Room tab. And behind was Google itself. However, the new Gmail infrastructure, including Google chat and the Room tab, was limited to business customers. This feature is now available for free users and for personal Gmail accounts. This means that normal users will also benefit from this integrated workspace from now on.

But what is the reason for this integration? In a recent statement, Google said that in most cases, people spend most of their time in front of computers or laptops, whether in the office or at work. And with that in mind, an attempt has been made to bring all the functions together on one page. The attachment is the reason why you don’t have to go from one tab or page to another over and over again. Based on the integration of this feature, Gmail will now have four tabs, namely Mail, Meeting, Chat, and Rooms.

Gmail has had Mail and Meet tabs for the past few months. Later, Chat and Rooms tabs were added. In this case, users can send messages to a specific user or a small group through the chat tab. On the other hand, various types of files or information can be shared with the help of the ‘Rooms’ option. One can participate in any great discussion.

Where can you see these four tabs?

These four tabs can be seen in the bottom bar of the web and Android versions. In this case, the Gmail slider is divided into four sections. However, this feature is not yet available in the iOS version.

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How to activate Gmail chat, room function?

Android Users

In this case, Android users must first open the Gmail app. After that, you need to go to the settings option. From there, go to Personal Gmail account. Now you have to go to the General and Chat options (early access). Click the Try it button at the end. In this case, Gmail will restart once. After that, all functions will be available. Before enabling the related features, you need to see if you have the latest version of the Gmail application.

Web user

The web version will require a link. In this case, web users should go to Then select the ‘Google Chat (Early Access)’ option instead of the ‘Classic Hangouts’ option. Finally click on the pop-up Confirm box

Written by: Sovan Chanda