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CHIP gives away a tool for 40 euros: Ashampoo Snap 12

CHIP gives away a 40 euro tool: Ashampoo Snap 12

Screenshots are a handy tool in everyday life on PC. For example, problems with Windows can be better resolved if you document the error message as an image. You can also help your colleagues by pointing to the correct button in a program. But sometimes this requires a bit of post-processing – no fun with Windows’ built-in resources.

That is why there are powerful screenshot programs from numerous manufacturers that offer many more features. One of them is popular. Ashampoo Brooch 12 from Germany. The software not only allows you to take screenshots but also videos, edit and send them in no time. Here’s what else the tool can do.

Ashampoo Snap 12: three powerful toolbars

Ashampoo Snap offers two powerful toolbars for maximum control.

Image: manufacturer

Like other screenshot tools, it also runs Ashampoo Brooch 12 always in the background and can be activated with the print key on the keyboard. Alternatively, move your mouse over the feature bar at the top of the screen and select one of several features:

  • rectangular area
  • hands-free area
  • single window
  • Entire site (scrolls automatically)
  • fullscreen

Once you have taken the screenshot, two more toolbars will appear. The blue one on the left contains all the editing tools you can use to add text, arrows, Post-Its, pixelated areas, and much more.

The toolbar on the right edge of the screen offers various effects and export options for the finished screenshot. Charts can be saved directly to your hard drive or sent via email.