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Le gestionnaire de mots de passe de Google Chrome est capable d’évaluer si les sésames sont suffisamment forts pour résister aux piratages. © Pixabay, AbsolutVision

Chrome 88 lets you strengthen your passwords with just one click

As passwords are sometimes easy to break by hackers, the latest Google Chrome update offers to verify and strengthen them very simply.

Everyone knows that it is a terrible idea to use the same sesame for all your accounts, but it is still a common practice. So as not to clutter the memory with a multitude of password complex, there are managers of password, as Last pass for example. They are able to memorize all the sesame seeds and even generate robust ones automatically. It is usually an extension that is installed in the browser.

Users of Google Chrome will be able to do without this graft, since the last version of the browser, 88, strengthens the password management functions. This new functionality can be accessed in two ways. By right-clicking on your user profile icon in the upper right of the browser and clicking on the wrench icon. It is also possible to write “chrome: // settings / passwords” directly in the address bar to display it.

A built-in password generator

As long as Chrome is already set up to save passwords, the update will check to see if they are strong enough that they are not hacked. To do this, simply click on the “Check Passwords” button. This button displays the list of passwords Chrome has found weak and the links so you can change them directly. If you’re not inspired, you can even ask Chrome to make them. generate. Finally, Google can indicate if some of its identifiers are in databases of piracy of sites. To benefit from this update, you must click on the top right on the three overlapping dots and choose “Help”, then “About Google Chrome” from the submenu.