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Chrono Cross leaked ahead of time?  News @JVL

Chrono Cross leaked ahead of time? News @JVL

If we still do not know with certainty the name of the lucky winner, several clues seem to indicate that this name stands out, and that it will be multiplatform.

Since last month a rumor has circulated about the remake of a great Playstation game. She is the singer Eabha McMahon, better known as AVA, who revealed in an Irish radio interview that he recorded an Irish song for this game with Michael McGlynn.

But according to Nick Baker, co-founder of the site XboxEra, there is no doubt that the game that will benefit from the remake will be none other than Chrono Cross, under the name Chrono Cross Remastered. According to him, in an interview with VGC, the title was already one of the games on NVidia’s leaked list in September, and although Crono Cruz It was originally a Playstation exclusive, this time the game will be cross-platform:

When I hear the words “JRPG” and “multiplatform”, I automatically think of PC, Playstation and Switch. […] That’s not what they told me, just a guess. All my sources have told me that (the game) will be cross-platform and not exclusive to Playstation. But I think it’s confusing because Playstation is supposed to announce it, so everyone thinks it will be exclusive, but it’s not always like that. […] I don’t know if Xbox is one of the affected consoles, I guess it’s not because it’s a JRPG.

Another clue that can point in this direction is that just under two weeks before the AVA interview, Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer of Chrono Cross, he had tweeted a photo of McGlynn and her daughter getting ready to sing.

The rest, AVA was the singer of the group Anuna, founded by McGlynn.

Well obviously This information should be taken with the utmost care. We surely won’t know during the next Game Awards, scheduled for December 9, 2021, since Sony does not have any other events planned until Christmas.

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