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The questions need to be addressed, without beating around the bush.  Barrel unloading time is over - Il Blog di Corigliano

The questions want to be addressed, devoid of beating all-around the bush. Barrel unloading time is more than – Il Weblog di Corigliano

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO, November 23, 2021 – I think I have not even despatched my attraction assertion to the regional councilors all on the topic of Law 14, which includes individuals of my territory, to which I read a prompt response from the regional councilor Straface

Which, certainly, does not even remotely touch the merit of the political and administrative issues elevated, but is primarily based on the standard self-narratives and solutions in opposition to the Administration.

On the other hand, I would be delighted, and without having a doubt it would profit our town and all of Calabria, if individuals who have been elected to legislate in the Regional Council categorical on their own on the material of the law on the reorganization of the squander program, regulation 14. in point , and on how they intend to transform it, if they intend to alter it, considering that this is what we are chatting about when we discuss about the duties of the ATO and the Locations. The relaxation is sizzling air just for some newspaper headlines and some I like on social media.

Clearly, the highest willingness to collaborate in 360 levels with all people, specially with the associates of our territory, is preserved, as revealed by the institutional framework that has allowed us, since this morning, to choose edge of an remarkable contribution in other places, but in compliance with roles, thus, even without the need of probably boasting of the merits of many others.

The time to get rid of difficulties and boast of non-existent merits in remedies is over. Individuals who occupy positions, now, think their duties, like mayors of all latitudes.

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