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"Clear warning": the British confiscate the Russian mega yacht "Phi"

“Clear warning”: the British confiscate the Russian mega yacht “Phi”

“Clear Warning”
The British seize the Russian mega yacht Phi

It is one of the most spectacular luxury yachts – “Phi”. According to the British government, the ship belongs to a Russian businessman, and at the moment he can no longer enjoy the yacht.

British authorities have arrested a super yacht. This is the luxury ship “Phi”, whose value is estimated at about 45 million euros. It is not officially known to whom the spectacular yacht belongs. According to the British government, it is a Russian businessman, but the ownership was intentionally very well concealed. The move is a “clear and strong warning to Putin and his cronies,” according to the Transport Ministry.

After Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the UK imposed a series of sanctions, including on the oligarchs.

The 58.5 meter long yacht was seized in the old London port area, Canary Wharf. She was in the British capital for a superyacht awards ceremony and it was reported that she would be leaving British waters today. But that no longer happened. “The arrest demonstrates that we are capable and willing to take the toughest action against those who profit from the corrupt Putin regime,” Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said. His ministry worked with British law enforcement agencies to seize the ship.

Phi is a letter of the Greek alphabet and in mathematics it represents the golden ratio, among other things. The ship was built at a shipyard in the Netherlands and made its maiden voyage last year. She is designed for eleven crew and up to twelve passengers. Among other things, the ship is equipped with an “inexhaustible” hold and a freshwater pool.

The ship is registered in a Caribbean island state. She sails under the Maltese flag. According to the British government, she is in the process of tracking other ships owned by Russians.