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Cleveland baseball team set up for name change

Report from New York Times On Sunday night, it was revealed that the Cleveland baseball team (soon formerly known as the Cleveland Indians) would remove the nickname they had since 1915. Official announcements from the team may come soon this week.

The main impetus for changing team names comes from decades of protests from indigenous peoples and fans who admit that team names are insensitive to Native Americans. The team has been using Native American caricatures (Chief Wahoo) and images as mascots in uniforms and merchandise since at least the 1920s, but stopped using them until the 2019 season.

According to the report, the team plans to “maintain the Indian name and uniform for the 2021 season and work to shift (from the name) as early as 2022,” the writer said. Wouldn’t be surprised if the name was erased from the Washington Football Team as often as possible before the start of the next season, just as the Washington Football Team handled the imminent name change before the start of the 2020 NFL season. Organize.

The team incorporates fan feedback on what the next team name should be.

The team says they were originally nominated as Indians for honor Luis Socalexis, A member of Penebus Scottnation, a Native American baseball player who once played for the Cleveland Spiders, a major league team in the city.

Zocalexis died in 1913, two years before the recent name change of the Cleveland baseball team.You can read Zocalexis more deeply here In the profile of Joe Posnansky in 2014.

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Whatever the intent to honor a man, much effort has not been made in the last 100 years to thwart Vitriol against Native Americans, using indigenous caricatures and the like. It took decades of protests from ground groups, along with pressure from national groups, to finally reach this decision.

The team reportedly declined to comment immediately.