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The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 say disappointed players can ask for a refund


Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt Red acknowledged the performance issues that plagued the game on the latest generation consoles based and apologized for not displaying the game running on the original PS4 and Xbox One before its release. .. “We should have paid more attention to playing better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” it said. Notifications published on Twitter.. The developers said they wanted to fix the “most prominent issue” in a series of patches released over the next few months, but anyone who doesn’t want to wait can return a copy of the game. Added.

How is this statement Insufficient game execution on older machines.. Players report choppy frame rates, weird physics, texture pop-ins, and screen tearing. Its performance soon became an online meme, TECH GAMING REPORT Report, And the video and screenshots in question have been Spread by word of mouth on Twitter..

It seems that CD Projekt Red provided the PC version of the game to most reviewers, not the console version of the game. In short, these performance issues are only widely noticed after the game is released. On an investor’s phone call last month, Adam Kaciński, co-CEO of CD Projekt Red, even said the game would run.Surprisingly wellIs in the final generation of base hardware.we I reviewed the game on my PC, And I found a bug, but I didn’t see any more serious issues that players have reported on their base PS4 and Xbox One. CD Projekt Red apologized for not displaying the game on the base final generation console prior to its release. “As a result, we were unable to make more informed decisions about our purchases.”

Developers are committed to making numerous fixes to fix performance issues. This will start with another update round that will be released within the next 7 days. In January and February, CD Projekt Red will release two major patches that state that “the most prominent problems gamers are facing with the latest generation consoles need to be fixed.” However, he warns, “The latest generation of games doesn’t look like they’re running on high-spec PCs or next-generation consoles, but they’re closer to the experience than they are today.”

The PC version of the game will also be updated and fixed on a regular basis.There is also Upgraded next-generation console version of the game Along the way, nothing was said about exactly when it would arrive.

The fix is ​​in progress, but developers say they are free to request a refund if they don’t want to wait. Digital purchases can be returned via Sony and Microsoft’s respective refund systems (IGN Note Many buyers have already reported that they have succeeded in claiming a refund in these ways, but this is usually not possible in such cases), but the player purchased a boxed version of the game. He states that he needs to try to get back in place. We have set up a dedicated email address to contact you during the next week if the player is having trouble returning a copy.

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