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WEATHER - TEMPORARY and CLOUD DOWNLOAD arriving with THERMAL SHOW, that's when and where

Climate – Momentary and CLOUD Download arriving with THERMAL Display, that’s when and in which

Bad weather conditions strike the north tough this weekend

Through the study course of this weekend the conditions bad weather at instances, even violent, they have afflicted and concerned numerous spots of the northern areas, also usually as a result of hailstorms and storms. Regretably, appreciable destruction and annoyance was not missing. because of to the domestically extreme phenomenology, which is accompanied by a sharp fall in temperatures with the passage of instability. Time that has been and remains dry and somewhat a lot more steady in the centre-south, as we will see in the upcoming paragraph.

Frustrating warmth and security in the south-central

In spite of the strong bad weather conditions in the north, the predicament continues to be decidedly calm in the south-central regions in which conditions are suited Temperature forecast remained somewhat much more stable and hence dry. The existence of a wire Atlantic The sinking in the northernmost spots of the boot induced, among other items, a memory of hot currents ideal in the center-south, with temperatures that have now achieved decidedly high values.

A pair of times of “respite”, but there will however be storms in the north thermal drop in Italy

Following this stormy weekend for some locations of the north, a couple of times of relative “respite” are envisioned. Relative since in any circumstance there will be isolated showers or at most scattered showers, even thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon hours in the northern regions. The inflow of colder currents will also cause a slow but constant fall in temperatures that tomorrow will also start off to have an effect on the south. Italy. Subsequently, powerful hypotheses are shared yet again poor weather, in accordance to what I most important computing facilities and as we will see in the future paragraph.

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