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Construction work: renovations to rural roads in Lunz and Gaming completed

Construction work: renovations to rural roads in Lunz and Gaming completed

Created on October 20, 2022 | 06:28

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Franz Scheplawy, Mayor Josef Schachner, Member of Parliament Anton Erber, Franz Stiedl (head of the Lower Austrian road construction department in Amstetten), Erich Pfeffer (head of the road maintenance department in Gaming) and Simon Kronsteiner.

Lower Austria STD Mühlbachler

DWorks on the L6174 between Lunz am See and Markstein have been completed, as has the L108 between Maierhöfen and Lackenhof.

The renovation of the L6174 in the Hinterleiten area has been ongoing since last year. Now, Anton Erber, a member of the state parliament, was able to officially complete the two kilometer stretch.


Thomas Wutzl (Game Road Maintenance Department), Leopold Röcklinger (Deputy Director of the Lower Austria Road Construction Department, Amstetten), Andreas Fallmann (Deputy Mayor of Games), Anton Erber, Member of the State Parliament, Roland Schnetzinger (Head of Game Road Maintenance Department, Chief) Martin Simetzberger (Game Road Maintenance Department).


In the course of the works, the retaining wall was renewed in a length of 50 meters. In addition, parts of the highway received a new substructure and new drainage systems. This work was carried out by Gaming’s road maintenance department in cooperation with regional companies. The existing surface is milled into a total area of ​​4,600 square meters, the level of the road is raised about 15 centimeters and a new layer of concrete is placed. The total costs of 280,000 euros are borne by the state of Lower Austria.

New lane between Maierhöfen and Lackenhof

Work on the roadway of the state road L108 has also been completed. The section between Maierhöfen and Lackenhof was repaired over a length of 1.5 km, the drainage systems were adapted and the substructure was renewed in some areas. The work has been carried out by the Traunfellner company and the Gaming road maintenance department in collaboration with construction companies in the region. The costs of 260,000 euros are borne entirely by the State of Lower Austria.