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Consumers complain that televisions bought online are trashed

Consumers complain that televisions bought online are trashed

CRPC explains that the increase in the number of violations has been facilitated by Internet sales, during which neither the seller nor the customer have the opportunity to determine the quality of the product.

In the opinion of the CRPC, sellers should take all possible measures to ensure the safe delivery / shipment of televisions to consumers by inspecting televisions prior to delivery and shipment to consumers on their own initiative, and maintaining documentary evidence that Sellers can show that they had no defects or defects. Also for consumers: make sure the TV is delivered undamaged by having it repaired.

To avoid situations where damage to the product cannot be proven, CRPC recalls that it is important to inspect the product before delivering it to the courier or in person to the consumer, including connecting the television to electricity, as well as to preserve the evidence. inspection. It is also recommended that merchants organize deliveries so that the product can be unpacked in the presence of the supplier and check the condition of the product.

If the purchased product turns out to be non-conforming, the consumer has the right to demand that the seller repair the non-conformance or replace the goods free of charge, including without shipping, labor, materials and other costs, and within a reasonable time. . , unless it is impossible or disproportionate.

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