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Hamburg Gets Europe’s Largest Gaming House

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August 19, 2021 – 2:00 p.m. clock

Hamburg (dpa / lno)? In 500 days, Europe’s largest esports game house will open its doors in the Nettelnburg district of Hamburg. “Pixel by pixel, we will create this here and continue this way day by day with our team and a community that needs to gradually form here. And with partners who share our vision that this is the perfect place to be. To bring digital themes like Gaming, eSports, future technologies and online content an analog home ”, emphasized Tomislav Karajica on Thursday at the“ soft opening ”of RCADIA World.

The Hamburg businessman is investing 50 million euros in the renovation of the old Telekom conference hotel. Starting in 2023, eSports should be able to operate on 20,000 square meters.

On Thursday “Unicorns of Love”, one of the most successful organizations in Germany and around the world, moved to some theaters. In this context, Karajica spoke of an important milestone for the project. “You are part of the story and the idea.” Team Principal Vivian Mallant emphasized: “We are realizing that the world is not yet made for eSports.” The locations are mostly event and sports halls and many things need to be arranged independently. “It’s not really the level the players are already playing at.” That should change with the new home, Mallant explained: “They are not just any niche athletes, they are the young generation. They have a point of contact here.”

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Source: DPA