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Corsair 7000D Airflow: Big Tower promises good air exchange

Image: Corsair

Corsair builds a large box with plenty of room in the shape of a 7000D. The manufacturer also promises good ventilation. The addition of the name “Airflow” refers, among other things, to the open areas in the front and deck, which are intended to promote air exchange.

With a volume of around 80 liters, there is plenty of room in the 7000D. The components are not restricted in their dimensions: there are no limitations that are currently relevant for CPU coolers and graphics cards or power supplies.

The graphics card can also be mounted vertically. It is fixed at the level of the horizontal expansion slots, so that there is enough distance to the side panel. This makes it easy to supply fresh air to the GPU. There is also enough space to hide the cables behind the plastic covers. Additionally, six 3.5 “HDDs and a maximum of four 2.5” data carriers can be installed. The small data carriers end behind the motherboard, the largest in HDD boxes on the tower floor.

The size also helps with the mounting of radiators. Twelve 120 or seven 140mm fan slots allow for 360mm heat exchangers to be installed under the hood or 480mm models behind the front or in front of the right side panel. A PWM repeater allows six fans to receive a control signal through a PWM connection on the motherboard. Three 140mm black models are included.

Expensive and expensive

Corsair charges around 260 euros for the case in its own web store. A black and white version is available, and both should ship in about two weeks. On the other hand, 330 euros must be paid if the iCUE 7000X version is selected. The surcharge of 70 euros brings four RGB fans of the type SP140, a Commander-Core-XT-Hub to control fans and LEDs as well as a front panel and a second side made of tinted glass. The I / O panel kit is also generous in size: there are four USB 3.0 ports and one USB Type-C slot.

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