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CORSAIR Unveils K70 RGB TKL OPX/Play Experience Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR Unveils K70 RGB TKL OPX/Play Experience Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR has introduced a new opto-mechanical version of its award-winning K70 RGB TKL CHAMPION SERIES gaming keyboard. In addition to the keyless design suitable for professional competitions and the elegant aluminum construction, the K70 RGB TKL impresses above all with the new ultra-fast CORSAIR OPX optical-mechanical key switches: The K70 RGB TKL optical-mechanical sets new standards for keyboards for games. at the e-sports level.

CORSAIR OPX Opto-Mechanical Key Switches are the latest addition to the CHAMPION SERIES. Its incredibly narrow actuation distance of just 1.0mm ensures extremely fast input capture. The smooth, linear motion makes them suitable for professional-level gaming. Plus, each switch is guaranteed for an incredible 150 million keystrokes. These premium key switches are built into the legendary K70 aluminum frame, known for its durability and portability. Thanks to the compact profile without a keyboard and the detachable USB Type-C cable, the keyboard is perfect for carrying and quickly connecting to any system. The durable, double-shot PBT keycaps are precision molded and well protected against wear and discoloration, making your keycaps look and feel like new even after years of use.

The K70 RGB TKL OPX Gaming Keyboard is the epitome of a high-performance, professional-grade keyboard. CORSAIR AXON hyper-processing technology delivers an 8000Hz hyper-polling rate and transmits keystrokes 8x faster than regular gaming keyboards, so commands register and reach your PC faster than ever. To meet strict tournament guidelines, the innovative tournament switch located on the back of the keyboard instantly freezes the backlight to a static color and disables macros so the keyboard is ready for battle mode.

The features of the K70 RGB TKL, appreciated by professional gamers, are also fully available in the new optical-mechanical version: RGB backlighting of individual keys and their extensive customization through CORSAIR iCUE software, dedicated multimedia keys, massive volume control made of aluminum and data memory for up to 50 integrated profiles. The K70 RGB TKL optical-mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice for champions like you, featuring CORSAIR OPX key switches that transmit input to the PC extremely quickly and reliably.