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Thunderbird 102 for download: alternative to Outlook

Thunderbird 102 for download: alternate to Outlook

Since variation 91, Thunderbird claims to deal with a person of email’s major annoyances: sending large attachments.

A lot of mail servers do not settle for messages with big attachments. The file size limitation may differ by company. Even if you, as the sender of the message, can deliver significant attachments, there is a danger that the obtaining mail server will not accept the message with a massive attachment.

Maximum storage measurements of email attachments in the free of charge presents:

  • Gmail: 25MB
  • GMX: 20MB
  • T-On-line: 32MB
  • 100 MB
  • Yahoo Mail: 25MB
Like Mozilla in the formal launch notes declared that the so-known as Filelink purpose has been optimized for this goal. This makes it possible for you to upload significant attachments to the cloud and then mail the ideal website link to the receiver of your concept, instead of attaching the huge information instantly to your concept.
It appears useful, but in this edition it truly is nevertheless relatively sophisticated to established up due to the fact Thunderbird alone would not offer you any on-line storage. In order to use this operate, you ought to initially enter a File Url Plugin for a desired cloud provider (alternatively, WebDAV servers are supported) and make a new account with this supplier or configure an existing account appropriately.

Once configured, Thunderbird mechanically implies the use of Filelink for email messages with files bigger than 5 MB (default options can be altered), in which the attachment can be uploaded.